Feb 26, 2010
Medical Student
Hey guys, I would appreciate any appreciation of my chances of getting into med school!!

Purdue University Nursing Major- IN resident (IU the only school)
GPA:3.68, 3.67science
MCAT: 10PS, 10VR, 9BS (29O)

I want to be a rheumatologist or internist of some kind because I enjoy learning and knowing about every body system.
I also have an interesting history: dx with lupus at age 6, lived with it through college exacerbations. Mother was dx and deceased from scleroderma. These diseases and those similar are treated by rheumatologists :)

As a nursing student I've had approx. 12hrs of clinical (time spent working with patients in hospital) per week for 3 semesters, have seen a lot there and done a lot there. I have relatively excellent clinical skills and bedside manner as a nurse (I think a strong point of my application?)

Was in drumline at my univ. for 2 years and in the concert band as well as some percussion special groups.
DCI (drum corps international= cool drumming, takes a lot of dedication)
Tutor for Organic chemistry I and II for 2 semesters

Komen for the cure (breast cancer) surgical assistant (cored out healthy breast tissue for research- crazy awesome) 2 days/ yr= 24hrs
Relay for life team member 2 yrs= 24hrs + prep and fundraising
Overnight homeless shelter worker= 10hrs + more coming soon
administered H1N1 vaccines to Purdue students= 6hrs.
Hands-on aquarium children's education fun thing- 4 hrs/hr x2= 8hrs.
Band-related volunteering= 12hrs

*i feel my volunteering hours are lacking and I am considering picking up a consistent volunteering position. I wonder if admission committees will not really believe that I really want to help my fellow man if i'm not doing it enough now... also, I know on the AAMC application you have to submit your supervisor's name? I have no idea what half of them would be. what do I do?

have yet to shadow MD, will probably get in 40 hrs? looking to shadow rheumatologist.

What do you all think? Am I a decent candidate?
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Aug 1, 2005
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Your numbers are a little low overall with the MCAT.

THe biggest lack I see is the volunteering aspect and shadowing. Make sure to shadow a FM doc too for about 20hrs.

You really lack the commitment and continuous volunteering.......most schools really like to see this....more so if your stats are not God like.

Does not have to be even clinical in nature since you probably have enough clinical experience through nursing.

I did an ER position, free med clinic, and animal shelter....

I got asked only about the animal shelter....it was app gold....people love animals....:love:


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Apr 14, 2009
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Could you retake the MCAT? If not you should probably include DO schools if you want a good chance at an acceptance.
Your cGPA is right at the median for those accepted to med school. Your MCAT is somewhat below (30.9=median). Your numbers might be fine for your state school, but considering the weaknesses in your overall application, I wouldn't be too confident, as your competition is likely to have 1.5 years of consistent weekly volunteerism, to have shadowed several types of physician for 60-80 total hours, have done research (60%), and have a leadership activity.

Your strengths are your clinical experience and teaching. If you get into med school, you will be head and shoulders above other students for physical assessment and diagnosis. Also strong is the Artistic Endeavor with the drum corps, which shows your dedication and passion for something.

For all the short-term volunteering, I'd list it in one slot under "Other", naming it short-term volunteerism, and I wouldn't bother with supervisor names. You'd be fine doing it that way.

I won't say you can't get an acceptance, but there are enough holes in your application that I'd live the next year as if you knew you wouldn't get in, building the strength of your ECs all along, using the information for update letters to sway adcomms positively, and for interview conversations. If worse comes to worst and you aren't accepted, you'll be in a much stronger postion a year from now.

It is not necessary or desirable to mention your future plan for specialty; adcomms would prefer if you are open-minded. You will have to decide if you want to mention your diagnosis. Some adcomms might question your ability to tolerate long exhausting hours of study and overnight on-call requirements in the clinical years and residency. If you mention it, you open the door to questions about this.
Feb 26, 2010
Medical Student
I see, that is disappointing but along the lines of what I expected. I am considering retaking the MCAT, but I would really rather not. I am told that people do worse as often as they do better. It looks like I will have to spend more time with consistent volunteer work
Thanks for the suggestions everyone