Apr 6, 2010
Hey ALL,

I know this is pretty late but on the 1st of this month (RIGHT on the deadline) I submitted my apps to MHA programs at Tulane and UAlbany via SOPHAS. I am very interested in these two programs because of their Master's International Program. After 2 years of coursework, you're basically guaranteed a spot in the Peace Corps to put theory into practice.

I am graduating from NYU this year with a dual degree in Journalism & Africana Studies. 3.0 cum and an 1180 on the GREs.

I have had a LOT of international exposure-- i lived in Ethiopia for 4 years, traveled to Darfur, Sudan for 4 months as a columnist for an African magazine to cover the genocide, and I also traveled to Yangon, Myanmar (Burma) for 3 months to cover Cyclone Nargis.

I haven't had DIRECT hands-on experience in the public health sector, but i've seen a lot while covering these areas for my magazine.

All of this was covered in my personal statement.

I would really appreciate any response as to what my chances are at these two schools :)



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Oct 28, 2009
I'd say they're pretty good. I had a 3.1 and an 1190 and got into Tulane. I had a good amount of international experience as well (though not as much as you) and with Tulane especially, that's really important. The only thing I'd be worried about is applying so late. That being said, I think you have a really good shot.

Sorry, can't say anything about UAlbany