Nov 5, 2013
Hi everyone!
I plan on taking the Mcat in January 2014 and would just like to have your opinion on my app so far!
Bachelor of science in neuroscience UCLA, sGPA 3.3, oGPA:3.4
Worked in a flow cytometry lab, volunteered for a year in the ucla hospital in NICU, MICU and liver transplant department, volunteered in a neuroscience research lab on cocaine addiction for about a year and currently volunteering in another research lab (both at ucla) focusing on methamphetamine addiction.
Planning on shadowing a doctor and becoming a medical scribe after I take the Mcat until I start med school.

I know the decision depends on the Mcat score, so what score would I have to get to be competitive?
Thanks for the infos and help and good luck to everyone!


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Jun 10, 2010
Somewhere west of St. Louis
You'll need to score >30 to competitive, with 10/10/10 minimums. Your GS are well be lower than avg at all MD schools, so aim only for low-tier schools and all new schools.

Your chances are better at DO programs. Aim for high 20s and you're in.

Nov 5, 2013
I'm more interested in the DO program though.. But wanted to check my chances with MD