What are my Chances?

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Nov 26, 2016
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Hi, I was wondering what my chances are?
I am an URM, black Jamaican female, FL resident. I plan on applying to all FL schools.
I'm hoping to apply MD/PhD, but don't mind doing MD only programs.
My cGPA is 3.49, bad semester this past spring resulted in first ever C and C+ in two classes due to mom having cancer.
I got a 497 on the MCAT (stressed due to mom's chemotherapy treatments), but am taking it again Aug 24.
My ECs are very strong. I promise I'm not making these up. I tried to be very involved during classes and most of these were very flexible and allowed me to work around my schedule.

Played symphonic band 2 years.
General Chemistry I TA one semester
Work as Computer Lab Monitor on Campus (0.5 years- ongoing)

Leadership Roles
Peer Mentor- 1 Yr
IT Coordinator and SNT coordinator for campus Leadership Organization (2+ years- ongoing), received award from organization
Intern at Clinical and Translational Genomics Research Institute (one summer)
Environmental Intern at Vissagio and Co. (1.5+ years -ongoing)

Professional Development
*Editor For student research journal (1+ year- ongoing)
*Writer for Honors College Newsletter- (1+ year- ongoing)

*Helped start business which makes doorhangers for local businesses (one semester)
*Currently part of campus program to create business ideas, working on building equipment to help healthcare run more smoothly (one semester-ongoing)
*Participated in Hultz Prize Competition to help Syrian refugees

*Working on initiative to reduce amount of plastic bag use on campus (summer 2017-ongoing)
*Worked with group of students to increase awareness of organization that works to help PTSD patients through equine-therapy by increasing their connections in the community and putting on fundraisers (one semester)

Clinical Volunteering (~200)
Includes Global medical brigades, volunteering at hospital in various locations (mainly ER)
Shadowing (~50): I know I'm lacking here

Microbiology research on presence of antibiotic resistant bacteria in local beach (1 year), one presentation, currently writing paper for publication
Detecting Presence of adulterants in saffron samples (1.5 years- ongoing), one presentation, submitted paper for publication
Discovering exoplanets through NASA (2 years- ongoing), data was presented at national conference, currently work as student researcher, discovered 4 planets and 7 EBs so far
Discovering presence of sprites in atmosphere (one semester- ongoing)

Non-clinical Volunteering (~200): Mainly through tutoring and volunteering here and there at other organizations
What do you think? Do I have a chance? I was able to fit most things on AMCAS, but had to talk about everything very briefly to fit it all.


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Sep 15, 2012
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Your best chances are at your Florida schools. Also add Howard, Meharry and Morehouse. Post your new MCAT score here in September and you may be able to add more schools if there is a significant improvement.