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Mar 16, 2015
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  1. Pre-Dental
Hey guys,
Firstly I know you guys get a lot of these threads but I would love some advice and opinions. I am studying at George Mason as a biology BS major. I am trying to apply for dental school in 2018. I took the DAT yesterday (8/24/17). Here are some of my stats:
OGpa: 3.52
SciGpa: 3.56
DAT Breakdown:
AA: 20
TS: 19
Bio: 19
GC: 20
OC: 19
RC : 22
QR: 18
PAT: 16
Shadowing hours: ~250
I only studied for 2 months. However, as my PAT score suggests, I didn't really practice enough for it. My AA and GPA are pretty average. I was just wondering what my chances are of getting an interview at any dental school for this cycle. I have not yet submitted my application but will do in a few days.
I am also okay with retaking the test, but it will be towards the end of November which will be too late for this cycle. Also, if you guys could suggest any schools I should apply to that I have not yet considered.
Any feedback and input would be much appreciated!


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Jul 7, 2017
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  1. Pre-Dental
Unless there are cutoffs for PAT scores, seems like a decent set of stats mate. All around average stats for GPA and DAT. Just write a compelling PS!


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Jan 11, 2017
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  1. Pre-Dental
Yes I think you have fine stats. Make sure you apply to schools without cutoff for PAT.
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