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Dec 17, 2008
Hi everyone,

I just got back my MCAT score yesterday and I'm pretty disappointed. I got a 27R (8PS-8VR-11BS). I was expecting to get about a 30 because I was scoring 30-32 on my practice tests consistently. My application is already verified and I have all but one LOR received and had my application sent to a few schools before I got my scores back. Now I'm just confused as to where I should apply. I'm planning on applying to most of my state schools but if possible, I would really like to apply to some out of state - I'm just not sure which schools would be best for my numbers. I plan on applying to some DO schools but I really want MD.

cGpa 3.98
sGpa 3.97

-Research (Jan 09-present), writing honors thesis based on my research
-ER volunteering (100 hrs) - still in progress
-Nursing unit volunteer (June 09-present)
-Shadowed family physician (50 hrs +LOR) and dermatologist (10hrs)
-several volunteering experiences in the community with children and the elderly (~150 hrs)
-instructor for freshman orientation class
-member of a few clubs on campus
-numerous awards and scholarships, member of honors college
-I'm not fluent in spanish, but I put on my application that I can converse/write in spanish and that I am taking a lot of spanish classes this school year in an attempt to become fluent

The LOR's that people have let me see have been great...but can anyone give me a little guidance as to what I should do and where I should apply?
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