Dec 5, 2010
I am in my second year at a private university in biology. My GPA is a 3.1 (not so good), but I still have 2 years to improve that. I need advice on where I can go to look for research and clinical experience because everywhere i've gone doesn't have much on hands experience available. I have things that have happened in my life which make me have a very close connection to medicine and a very close connection to people in need. I have a TRUE passion for the study of medicine and I have since I was able to talk (making home made incubators and feeding tube for my dolls). Lol. anyways... Do med school ever consider you on how passionate you are and how you stand out from other people, because I think thats what I have as my strongest asset for my application ( I also have a very deep interest in biology in general). Any suggestions?


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Jun 18, 2004
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I'd say concentrate on getting straight As before worrying about research. With a 3.1, you really have to be getting only As from here on out. For better or worse, this is a game of numbers first. If your GPA isn't where it needs to be, usually all the other stuff won't make up for it. Clinical experience would help more than research, there's nothing wrong with dedicating a few hours/week to that.