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Mar 3, 2004
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Hello all,

I am a MS1 and I just finished talking to one of the Urology profs about doing research for 8wks between my 1st and 2nd years. When i talked to him he told me that it would be better for me to do a urology preceptorship (working with the Uro team for about 4wks) so that i could get exposed to the field first. Then he said that if i do like it i would still have time to do research in my 3rd and 4th years and would have a better chance of being published. He said there should be reasearch avaliable during my 8wks off but he recommended that i get a taste for the field first. He said this inital interest will still look good on a CV. What do ya'll think i should do? I thought research would look much better but then again what the hell do i know. Will there be enough time to do a research project my 3rd and 4th years and still do AI's. Thanks

-Bono :idea: