What do I need to do to get in? Take a look and give me advice please! (:

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Feb 2, 2009
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I'm new to this place but it looks cool. I wanted a little advice from you all about my stats, what I need to work on and what MCAT score I should go for etc. I haven't taken the MCAT yet but I will this following year.

3.3 GPA cumulative (trying to bring it up but I only have one semester left)
3.2 sciences
Biological Sciences BS and Spanish Minor

Lots of EC's, however:

*Vice president of international medical outreach club (we go to Honduras every year)
*Vice president of Unite for Sight club chapter (we provide free eye tests to the needy)
*Volunteer in rural Mexico periodically throughout the year (when I can afford to go)
*Work in the Emergency room as a scribe
*3-month long volunteer medical internship in Peru
*Physician shadowing
*Volunteer Medical Assistant for 3months in an underserved clinic
*Speak Spanish
*Outdoor Guide/Leadership training
*Worked at school Rec Cen
*Cardiac Physiology, Parasitology research for 2 years (but no publications unfortunately, however may get an abstract)
*Volunteered rebuilding houses in post-Katrina New Orleans
*Worked as a lifeguard/swim instructor
*Do lots of pottery and help out with pottery classes in my free time

What should I work on? What MCAT score should I aim for? Will I be able to get any scholarship money? What schools should I think about? Any help would be appreciated! Also, I graduate in June but plan to take the MCAT next May and apply next June so I can get the best score possible by the time I apply. However, I am worried that med schools will not view me favorably if I take two years off, even if I am working on the MCAT and working at the ER, any advice?

Thanks! :)

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Your ECs are great as they are. What you need to work on is improving your GPA. As it is, you'd need to aim for an MCAT score of 33-34 if you want a chance at an allopathic medical school. If you are a URM, you might get some scholarship money, otherwise it's scarse in the low-selectivity schools that should be your goal. Med schools won't discriminate against you for taking time off between college and med school. Considering your low GPA, you might consider staying in college for an extra semester or two to raise your GPA. Alternatively, you could consider applying to osteopathic med schools.
I would recommend either applying DO or doing a post-bacc. Obviously I can't comment on your MCAT scores, but right now the GPA is the big thing holding you back (for US allopathic schools).