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May 30, 2004
Hello everyone. I'm a senior PharmD student considering doing a residency. I've been on a couple rotations so far and have really been disappointed with what I've seen so far as with the pharmacist interaction with the other medical staff, especially on rounds. They just stand there until someone asks a question. My question is how involved are you guys at your place of employment. My professors really push for everyone to do a residency but from what I've seen I think I'll be more misreable than working in retail. If not a residency, I want to go back and get another degree but I really don't know what I want to do since retail pharmacy was the only reason I went to pharmacy school. It wasn't until I got into pharmacy school that I realized I felt like a waste everytime I went to work.


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Oct 30, 2004
East Coast
I'm 2PD and I've been to a couple "mini" rotations. Where I went, the pharmacists were considered independent clinicians and they took charge of clinics (diabetes, HTN, somking cessation, anticoagulation). Their interaction w/ the medical team was limited to overviewing orders on medical charts. However, the infectious disease preceptor had a plenty of interaction w/ the medical team... so I guess it'll vary b/w hospitals or geographical areas...

Personally if MY DOCTOR consulted pharmacists A LOT on rounds I'd be a little skeptical about his qualifications as a doctor...

(BTW...this is a double post- I saw another one in residencies forum)
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