What do you think of this FM/UC model and compensation?

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Aug 8, 2017
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My background is a Family Practice / UC owned entirely by one physician.

He owned probably what was 12,000 sq ft facility.

He had in house lab, CT, Xray, and US with all of the right techs to run each thing. He saw his 20-25 Family Practice patients a day, and he would let 2 NPs and/or PAs run the UC. Also, there was usually another PA or NP that did their own 15-20 patients of family practice. Basically the advanced providers were on a rotating schedule of like 2 UC days a week and 2 Family Practice days a week. The clinic was open 7-7, 6 days a week; FM side usually only happened from 8-4 and the UC was open 7-7. Saturdays were only UC.

Family practice side of things was triaged by a MA, and the UC side was triaged by an EMT usually. Then there was the obvious support staff such as the front office, office manager, hiring manager, etc. etc.

All in all, the clinic probably saw 50 UC and another 50-75 Family practice patients (minimum 20 from the physician, and usually 20 a piece from the two advanced providers) in and out the door on the average day. Granted, there was also some days were the UC or FM practice numbers were lower, and some higher.

To be honest, it was a pretty great practice, and he has been running this thing for about 15 years.

Any one with experience, what do you think the ballpark salary an owner of this kind of clinic would be? Or what do you think the ballpark revenue of a clinic like this would be?

This physician opened this clinic when he was around 10 years out of residency, how feasible would it be to open a clinic like this because I loved the work we did and would like to do this model if I go into FM.

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Oct 14, 2013
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who knows, but that's a lot of overhead. i can clear 800K/yr working in the ER working that much. ideally, i would like to have something like that but I just dont have the stomach for the amount of admin work involved.


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Sep 14, 2011
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So many factors ... if he made $ off the imaging, which I imagine he did, that adds up pretty fast. Lots of staff, but they would pay for themselves with that many patients. If you think about it, he's basically like a mini hospital system (imaging, NP's, PA's, nurses) and he's seeing his own patients on top of supervising the APP's. I imagine he was making 7 figures, but man that's a lot of paperwork + liability.

I personally would not be able to supervise that many people + see my own patients and feel like I did my absolute best for every patient at the end of the day...
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