Dental What exactly happens when I update my application? Dental TMDSAS

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Dec 25, 2016
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I had a general question about how the application service TMDSAS works - I can't seem to find much info about this topic! I am wanting to know because I am updating my application with some grades I have earned in my classes this summer (I'm taking 11 hours). They have been helping my GPA (Currently 3.78)!

When I update my course grades, do schools receive a notification that there has been an update to grades? Does this affect the review process at all? Or if they have already reviewed my application, does it make no difference?

Thank you for helping!
I'm not sure how TMDSAS works, but I'd assume it is similar to AADSAS -- there are only 2 periods in which you can update grades after submission, one is after the summer term (Aug to Sept) and the other is after the fall term (Dec to Feb). You'll have to send new transcripts in, they'll have to be verified, and then new GPAs will be calculated, etc. They get a notification that an update to your application has been made. It shouldn't affect the review process (i.e., your application shouldn't be delayed because of it), but if schools decided to pass on your application, they may not revisit it (really depends on the school).

If these grades will boost your GPAs, I would definitely update your application with them because the benefit of improving your app with a better GPA far outweighs the risk of being delayed/anything else.
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