Medical What is my best option for fixing science GPA? Debating SMP programs.

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Jun 11, 2010
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I need to raise my science GPA (3.0. My cGPA is a 3.5 - went to a top 10 public university and struggled in the sciences.

What is my best option? an SMP, a DIY post bacc "(not really sure what this would entail but have heard of it frequently)
I've been accepted to SMP/grad programs of: BU MAMS, Tufts, VCU Cert, and EVMS.

Haven't taken the MCAT yet but am making substantial progress in my studying; I will not take it until I feel extremely prepared to score a 513 or higher honestly if i can, on it my first try (this is my goal. i will not take it until i feel I can feasibly accomplish it because I want my MCAT to be a strong point)

Please provide any advice you can! It would really help as I'm conflicted with how to move forward. Especially students who have chosen one program over the other- Id appreciate the advice so much. Thank you!
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