What is the best MCAT Organic Chemistry review book?

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Jul 17, 2012
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I know there has to be threads that talked about this but the only ones I can find are old like 02-07 and I want to know if anything new has come out since then. If anyone knows a thread where it is mentioned please just copy the link for me! I'm taking the mcat most likely January.

I have a basic understanding of orgo, I did fairly well in the course but I haven't taken it in a while. I want something that will be thorough which is why I thought TBR would be good but I have heard they give a lot of extra info you don't need. Is this true? I really don't want something like that because I want to focus on physics and chemistry.

I started using kaplan for physics and chemistry and I didn't like it, it felt like they left out so much information so I'm not a fan of their books. Is the princeton review good for orgo?

Thanks for the help and sorry if this is a repetitive thread!

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BR released a new version of their ochem books in January 2012. Apparently it has a lot less "words" and extraneous info, and more problems, but that's all just based on things I've read here and not thru personal experience as I've only used this one version.

I just finished going through em yesterday (content-wise). Let me add that in addition to using the BR books, I supplemented with my textbook heavily. ( Which is cause I really loved my ochem textbook, its explanations and examples are extremely relevant and thorough... Organic Chemistry by Janice G. Smith if you're wondering )

As a whole, I was very pleased with them. Both books together provide a total of 120 passages, and a bunch of mid-chapter questions as you go through the 8 chapters. Compared to the AAMC's subject list HERE, it hits almost every single topic, even the completely random-ass ones like terpenes. I totally pwned the 3 quarters of ochem I took at my school (A+'s all the way thru) yet I was still able to learn some new things from these books. The most clutch part about them is that they use biologically relevant examples as often as possible.

I know I haven't used any of the other company's books, but compared to my textbook, these books do ochem justice.
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TBR orgo has done me very well thus far. I almost never miss an orgo problem on practice tests despite orgo being my worst subject back in college. I guess we'll see how well it truly served me when I take my test on Friday.

Also, too much depth is better than too little depth. I had a friend who ranted against EK because he said their orgo book didn't prepare him enough for orgo on the real thing.