What is your opinion on University of Michigan vs. University of Maryland? Why?

Nov 4, 2009
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Hello, I got into both as well as some others. I am deciding between UMich vs. University of Maryland (UMB)

I am more persuaded to go to UMB because:
-Closer to Home
-excellent curriculum and a wide scope of electives
-great rotation sites in the DC Metro Area
-curriculum is geared towards clinical pharmacy and state law where I want to end up
-new pharmacy building opening in October 2010
-lots of other professionals in the area to interact with
-age range is mid twenties and closer to my level
-proactive student body lots of organizations/activities going on
-lectures are taped and recorded!

-Baltimore city - dismal; pharmacy school itself will be fine but uncomfortable feeling of safety
-student panel "felt" non responsive, which not bad thing because it's obviously just people answering questions but it does make me question how helpful students are or dynamic they may be

I would consider UMich because:
-research project gears toward helping me gain a residency which is my long term goal
-name brand
-Ann Arbor is an interesting place to be, and safer
-opportunities to interact with professors who were very friendly and approachable and to gain assistance for future endeavors
-alumni are extremely active and interested in helping students for rotation sites and networking
-hospital system is huge and good place for clinical rounding and jobs afterwards
-talking to students, felt that they were very loyal and bent on the brand all the way

-More expensive!! Would pay anywhere from 50,000 to 60,000 more:eek:
-getting in state residency is close to 0.1 %
-snow-y weather
-curiculum is geared towards Michigan law
-I actually don't want a small class size; I like having a bigger class size
-lectures are not taped and recorded, must come to class every day
-further away from home
-Take an extra course which I will some how have to find

Going by my question, I am apprehensive about UMB just because of the fact that the alumni network was not really brought up as with other schools; students felt indifferent that interview day but were clearly bright; and Baltimore is dismal. I am aware of the excellence of UMB but I just didn't get a real chance to see it. No tour, only got to see three students on the panel who didn't really seem to want to be there. And of course Baltimore was not like green pastures. However, the cost is cheaper and I want to do a residency after pharmacy school thus, going to either state university is ideal.

Anyone else care to weigh in on anything else to think of? Any opinions?? I've got to decide quickly. Thanks for some opinions.
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Mar 4, 2010
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U of M was my dream school. You're very lucky to have been accepted. Ann Arbor is a great place to live and being a part of UMich alumni is like being in a secret society. They all look out for each other.

Thats just my 2 cents. You can't go wrong with either school, though. Best of luck.


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Jun 23, 2003
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Baltimore is an infinitely cooler town than Ann Arbor. Grit is grit, but personality goes a long way...

But that's just my opinion. Just don't roll on down to the West Side ghetto and get into a fight with Omar Little...:scared:

Seriously though, they are both great schools and if you do well in classes at either, you will be very competitive for residencies or whatever it is you want to do.
Mar 14, 2010
As a mom of a DD that got admitted to the U of M preferred admission pre-pharm and a Michigan native, EVERYONE that goes to U of M is extremely loyal, dedicated, brainwashed to think U of M is the only school in the country for ANYTHING. Snow is snow. No big deal, really. My DD is turning down the coveted position in the PA that she was offered. Would prefer to go elseware. I say go where the $$$$ is.....you'll find a job.


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Dec 8, 2007
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I go to UM right now and i can honestly say the loans are adding up. I think if its cheaper, you should go to Maryland. Both these schools are top ranked and you'd be closer to family.

But it also depends on your experience at both schools. UM pharmacy students are very fun and I could see myself as one of them. Could you see yourself as a UM student? :)


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Jan 20, 2008
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Both schools are great but my advice would be to go to the cheaper schools. Plus UMB has some amazing rotation sites.