What medical specialty is similar to a Middle Linebacker?

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Nov 24, 2009
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I'm having trouble with career choices, I thought if there was a specialty that metaphorically was similar to middle linebacker, I might give it a shot..

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I guess if you are looking for a specialty that can take any retired QB by surprise via blitzing right up the middle, or maybe instead hanging back to catch some balls -- you could go into urology. Are you good with hard counts?

If you are literally a middle linebacker, you go into ortho.
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EM - you aren't necessarily the fastest person out there, but normally you're running the show.
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how about the.. nobody better try anything in my zone... urology? hmmm, this is interesting.. sounds like could be urology :)
Internal Med - They are medicine. And consult the others. I guess you can say EM but that is only for admission.

I can't think of anything the average linebacker would hate more than internal medicine.
..just I can't see your photo you posted on my Android®
Hmm...interesting thought process...could go a lot of different ways with this...and I'll actually oblige you instead of giving snide remarks.

So you like to diagnose and then move the team in right play call to address the situation...PM&R could fit as you kind of make the treatment plan but the action depends on your team of Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapists.

You're intense and always want to be in the middle of the action and also need to know what everyone else is doing around you - Critical Care - The ICU is always has a lot going on and a good intensivist knows the physiology of their patient well enough to hash it out with subspecialty consultants.

You absolutely own the middle of the field...yeah, that's urology all the way...

You have dance moves like this: ...I've got nothing for you.
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Admittedly, the thought experiment has specific and important failings but it IS perhaps nonetheless helpful.....
EM - you aren't necessarily the fastest person out there, but normally you're running the show.

I dunno man, I was rotating in the er a few months ago and we had a psych patient elope out the front door. My attending and I took off after him, but he still made it a good 200 yards before we caught up. My attending beat me there and got the take down... he didnt look like much, but he was crazy fast.
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