What schools should i look into?

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Jan 9, 2022
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Hi! I am a junior public health student with a minor in chemistry. I have taken almost all of my pre-reqs so far for the DAT and dental school requirements. I attend Wayne State University. I plan on taking my DAT in May.

Here are my stats:
3.7 overall GPA
3.5 science GPA
3 years of research in HIV/AID studies here in Detroit
150 dental clinic volunteer hours
75 shadowing hours
students who were in the same program as me has gotten a DAT score of 25+, so i am hoping somewhere around there.

I am just wondering so far what schools I should have on my list to apply to for next year matriculation. Anything will help because there are not a lot of dental students I know that are around to ask questions!!

I am looking at UMich and Detroit Mercy rn bc im poor and would be living for free if i went to these schools lol

Thanks in advance

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Oct 14, 2011
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Have you gotten access to the Official Guide/Dental School Explorer? The printed Official Guide has self assessment worksheets to help you chart out your application, and the school info will help you. In short, what drives you to be a dentist for the next 30 years?