dental school admission chances

  1. N

    Another MS/Post-baq or work?

    Hello! So I applied to dental schools this year. At the moment, I am on one waitlist for Nova Southeastern University's School of Dentistry. I'm trying to figure out what to do next year on the chance that I don't get into their dental school. I'm about to meet with an academic advisor from my...
  2. S

    Question about required shadowing hours.

    When a dental school says for example, “100 hours of dentistry shadowing hours are required”, do they mean only with general dentistry, or can part of those 100 hours be from a dental specialty? Ex. Would 50 hours general dentistry shadowing and 50 hours of ortho shadowing count for the full...
  3. S

    Weighing of Masters GPA

    For those that applied with a masters degree, did you weigh that GPA more when choosing where to apply? Did you find that dental schools put more weight on how you did in the masters program then your undergrad GPA? This is going with the assumption that your DAT is stellar. I am having a hard...
  4. W

    Confused on what to do with my life? Med school? Dental school? Nursing school? PA school?

    Hey everyone! I am in a bit of a limbo here and would REALLY appreciate everyones help. Upon entering college I was a bio major and wanted to go to medschool. That being said, i joined a sorority and did not take school seriously and did TERRIBLE. C+ in government, C+ in history of motion...
  5. aspiring-dentist101

    Importance of GPA/Acceptance chances?)

    I've been wanting to post about this for a very long time. I have been busy with family, interviews, work, etc. So I haven’t been able to post on sdn. I have decided to post it now for the sake of future applicants. This is intended for future applicants and most importantly for those that did...
  6. G

    Atlantic Bridge 2019 - Irish Dental

    Hey everyone - I couldn't find a thread for people who applied this year to Irish dental schools, so I thought I'd create one! In case anyone was curious, I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts and Science in Neuroscience and Psychology from the University of Guelph this past June. I applied to...
  7. I

    Chance me (Canadian)

    Hello all, I am Canadian trying to apply to dental schools in the states, and I need some help organizing schools to apply to. I've posted similar post previously but I had some minor updates so..! GPA: 3.62, sGPA: 3.60 DAT: 25AA (All sections 22+), 26TS, 24PAT ECs: - 1000+ hours paid research...
  8. D

    Can I get into dental school with this grade breakdown

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could give me some feedback as to if I have a chance at dental school despite some slip ups. I am currently a senior at the University of Virginia studying Biopsychology. SCIENCE GRADE BREAKDOWN: Gen Chem 1: C+ Bio 1: B+ Bio 2: A- Bio lab: A- Orgo 1: A-...
  9. I

    Worried about my GPA

    I am currently a junior getting ready to apply after next semester. My current GPA is a 3.63 and my science GPA is a 3.7. I just took the DAT this past summer and scored a 23. I am worried about this semester as I think I might get a B in one or two of my classes and I am concerned that will...
  10. JSG218

    DAT and GPA correlations

    Hello all, I know that there are some older threads on this, but I was just curious about the DAT ranges by GPA? I have a 21 AA/22 PAT and roughly a 3.9 GPA. Is a 21 too low for my GPA? I have a friend who scored higher on the DAT, but they have a slightly lower GPA. Thanks!
  11. S

    What schools/how many schools should I apply to?

    Hi everyone! I know this is kind of a repetitive thread, but I am applying this cycle and wanted opinions based on my stats personally. I have a 25 AA average on DAT, with 25 total science. My GPA is a 3.837. In terms of exctracurriculars, I have been involved in a research lab for a year, am an...
  12. K

    Odds of Getting In

    Hi, all. Don’t know where else to turn, I’m very discouraged. My GPA is very mediocre (3.35 sGPA, 3.45 overall), and I’ve been graduated for 2 years. Ended up having a child my last semester of college, got married, and I decided to take some time before applying to dental school. I am now 24...
  13. Elvisthepelvis

    What schools should I apply to?

    Hey guys, I'm a bit lost when it comes to applying to schools. How do I know what dental schools are good, which ones I have a high chance of getting into/ suitable for me? I've checked several schools and sometimes they don't include DAT/GPA score under requirements and others say 18/3.00...
  14. H

    suggestions for schools to apply?

    Hi, I'm going to apply to dental schools this upcoming cycle in June 2018 and I need suggestions on schools which I can apply for that I have chances to get into. DAT: PAT-19 QR-18 RC-17 Biol-27 GC-21 OC-23 TS-24 AA-21. (I'm worried about my PAT, QR, and RC scores especially the 17 with...
  15. N

    Should I Apply to Dental Schools...

    I've been contemplating whether or not I should apply to dental schools. I had a low undergraduate GPA (2.8) and I'm currently in a master's program to help increase my GPA. Unfortunately, I've only brought up my GPA to a 3.0 in the master's program. I took my DAT and scored an AA 21. In...
  16. FutureDentist97

    Dental School chances? 3.95 GPA, 20AA, 21TS, 18PAT

    Dental school chances with my stats? Thank you in advance! :)
  17. R

    Chances at dentistry in the USA/Australia - Canadian student

    I'm a bachelor of science student in my third year of my degree in Alberta, Canada majoring in biology. These are my stats: GPA: 3.704 CDAT: 19 AA 19 BIO 19 CHEM 19 TS 20 RC 16 PAT I've got more than 100 hours of shadowing. I've done a lot of volunteering and for long periods of time, I've...
  18. R

    Wrote the DAT in February

    I recently took the Canadian DAT in February and got these scores. Reading comp: 20 BIOL: 19 Chem: 19 Sci Total: 19 Academic Average:19 PAT: 16 MDT: 6 This was my second time taking the DAT, based off these scores alone do you think there is any chance I could make it into a Canadian Dental...
  19. I

    Chances for Acceptance?

    Currently I am a sophomore pre dental student with a 3.47 overall gpa and a 3.73 Science GPA. I was just wondering about chances of acceptance with these stats and also what DAT score would put me in a competetive range with these stats! I would appreciate any advice.
  20. G

    Exactly HOW important is continued education after a bachelors?

    I haven't taken classes in two years, took one last semester, and am not taking anything this semester because I want to study for the DAT instead. Is this a bad idea?! I took the DAT in 2015 and got an 18... I definitely need to improve. I've forgotten a lot of material so I will be relearning...
  21. M

    Possession of Marijuana before Application cycle

    Hello everyone. I'm freaking out. After going through one of the most stressful fall semesters of my life, I was caught and given a citation for possession of marijuana. Here in Virginia, this counts as a misdemeanor. My court date is in February and I will try to get the case dismissed (doing...
  22. dental0116

    Should I retake my DAT?

    Hello everyone! I took my DAT in August and I'm currently in the interview process for dental school this year and debating whether I should retake it. I have applied to 14 dental schools and have gotten 5 interview invitations. At some interviews I have been asked "Do you plan to retake the...
  23. T

    Any Schools still worth applying to?

    I applied to 8 dental schools and so far have only heard from one. I was wondering are there any schools still worth applying to? My stats are 22 AA, 23 TS, 23 Bio, 21 Gchem, 25 Ochem, 21 RC, 19 PAT, 19 QR 3.61 overall GPA and 3.53 science
  24. J

    Community College Credits

    Does anyone know the list of schools that don't accept Community college credits? I wanted to take couple courses at a cc now that I have graduated from a 4 year university such as Anatomy and Physiology I&II?
  25. J

    Where do I apply?? or can I even apply?

    Hi I'm a rising senior at one of top 30 colleges with GPA of 3.33 (both sgpa and average gpa) and decent extracurricular activities. I just took the DAT and got these scores: PAT: 23 QR: 25 RC: 23 Bio: 19 GC: 25 OC: 23 TS: 22 / AA: 23 I had to take it so late into the summer because I was doing...
  26. D

    Here we go... what are my chances?

    Alright, guys. I'm now going to be one of the many many students that have posted this exact thread probably, but I'm hoping some of you can help put my mind at ease a little bit. I am currently filling out my dental school application (where has the time gone...) and I figured I'd give some of...
  27. K

    Dismissed from dental school-reapplying

    I was dismissed from dental school after having to repeat the first year. I believe I have grounds to fight this decision in court but am worried how it would affect my chances when reapplying. I was having difficulty during my first year academically,but was excelling in lab and clinic. I was...
  28. D

    DAT questions

    I am applying to dental schools this June. My DAT score was a 17. My GPA is 3.72 I have a minor in Spanish. I am a student-athlete. What are my chances of getting into schools with these statistics. I was a collegiate basketball player for all four years of college. I have over 150 hours of...
  29. H

    Can I get into Dental School?

    Hello, I dumb-goofed this semester. I am a sophomore in college and currently have a 3.3 GPA. This semester, I took a light course load for several reasons. I pledged into a professional pre-health fraternity, my mom got diagnosed with Hepatitis B, my father was diagnosed with early on-set...
  30. takeitlikeaman

    3.1 science GPA, 18 AA

    I am in my last quarter of undergrad and my overall gpa is 3.4-3.5, science gpa is a 3.1 and my non science is about a 3.9. My grades have a weird trend because I do well in certain quarters and not so well in others. I applied to 8 schools last year but did not receive a single interview. I...
  31. JackM255

    DAT score concerns for admissions

    So I just recently took the DAT... I scored a 17AA, 19PAT, 19 Reading, 17QR, 16 Science average, my Ochem section was 15, where bio and Chem were 17. Overall I am not at all satisfied with the results as I felt quite prepared. I am concerned about my chances of getting admitted to schools with...
  32. whatisit350

    Tricky situation. Reapplying after 7 years. Good DAT, poor GPA.

    Hey whats up guys, so I'm in a bit of a pickle, and would appreciate any advice. Short background. I took the DAT 7 years ago, did good in sciences, but had 17's in QR and RC. Also had a 3.04 GPA-o and 2.77 GPA-s from undergrad. Needless to say, didn't get it. Moved on with life. Then did 11...
  33. M

    4.0 GPA / 21AA: What are my chances and advice?

    I know this may sounds stupid, but I'm genuinely worried I won't get into many of the schools I want to because my PAT is 18 and my AA is 21. I'm planning to apply this cycle. To name some schools I'd really like to get into: UCSF, UOP, Harvard, Michigan, UCLA and USC. I feel like most of these...
  34. N

    Dental School Connections

    Since the threads on this are over ten years old I wanted some new advice on this issue. I have some professional connections who work at three dental schools and was wondering the extent that that can help? Do dental schools function based off of connections that aren't just from donors? Such...
  35. R

    Chances at Canadian Dental School

    Hello, I am currently in the 3rd year of undergrad and am wondering what my chances would be at Canadian dental schools. I have a 3.98/4.3 (3.86/4.0) GPA and a 20AA on the DAT I would be considered IP at Dalhousie Thanks!
  36. docdew

    Harvard Dental School Admission Chances 2016!

    Hi all, I wanted to get some feedback on what my chances might be at Harvard Dental School. I figured I'd just be specific to one school, since there are so many posts on SDN about admission chances in general. Stats: I have a 25AA, 24TS and 24PAT; a 3.58 GPA including both my BA in Biology...