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    Next Steps/ Guidance

    Hello, I am currently prepping secondaries, finished my MCAT and have my schools list sorted out. What are some other things I can do during the month of april in order to get ahead of the application proccess? Should I be scheduling CASPER or the AAMC prep exam? Ty!!
  2. applehoba

    What schools should i look into?

    Hi! I am a junior public health student with a minor in chemistry. I have taken almost all of my pre-reqs so far for the DAT and dental school requirements. I attend Wayne State University. I plan on taking my DAT in May. Here are my stats: 3.7 overall GPA 3.5 science GPA 3 years of research...
  3. ramennoodles33

    MD WAMC, School's List - 3.99 GPA, 520 MCAT

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  5. newspore

    Need Help with List of Schools

    Hello all. Re-inventor here. Could you please help me with a list of D.O. schools to apply to? And with my stats should I try MD schools as well? I actually submitted my application for verification yesterday - delayed by my personal statement which took longer than I expected. I know that I'm...
  6. A

    Med School List Help Please (3.99 GPA, 517 MCAT)

    Hi everyone, as I'm getting ready to apply to med school for this upcoming cycle I was wondering if you could please help me with my list of schools? Any help cutting down my list would be greatly appreciated!
  7. BenignBeignet

    MD What are my chances?

    MCAT: 513 GPA: cGPA 3.65, sGPA 3.55 Of note: I’m a transfer student; CA resident. Straight A’s in organic chem (1&2) and biology (1&2) at my CC. Also got B’s in Physics (1&2). One A and one B in gen chem series. BUT i got 3 C’s (precalc, calc 1&2). A in stats at CC. Transferred to UC Davis...
  8. G

    Good Medical Schools for Statisticians?

    Hi All, I was a statistics major, applying this cycle. I want to treat patients (so applying for MD) but I love stats too much and want to continue to research/apply statistics to my MD work. Dream would be to work for the CDC. Does anyone know good medical schools that offer strong...
  9. H

    how to use residency match data in your med school search

    I’ve been trying to narrow down my schools list, and it’s been difficult! Fortunately my stats and experience make me a competitive applicant at top schools, but I want to make sure I also have a good chunk of quality second tier schools on my list because acceptance rates are wack (looking at...
  10. medstudent1215

    Advice on My List of Potential Osteopathic Schools

    Hey all, I am looking for some specific opinions and advice tailored to myself. I am a nontraditional student going on 3-4 years out of college now. In my upper 20s with a wife, 2 kids in elementary school, and hoping for a 3rd. I have a 3.51 gpa at my most recent university in undergrad...
  11. B

    Please Help with this school list

    Stats: 4.0 GPA, 518 MCAT (128 CARS) Research: Over 1000 hours (competitive fellowship program that placed me as a freshman) with a third-author publication, and several poster presentations. Also, held a summer undergrad position (SURF). Volunteer: Clinical--100 hours (patient interactions)...
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    Hello, I plan on applying to DO schools this upcoming 2018-2019 cycle. I'm having a difficult time figuring out what schools to apply to since only some schools list their matriculation stats. If anyone could give me some insight or link some resources, I would greatly appreciate it! this is...
  13. C

    3.35 cGPA sGPA 3.2 513 MCAT help with school list

    Year in school: Graduated in Biology • Country/state of residence: CA • Cumulative GPA: 3.36 (upward trend) • Science GPA: 3.2 • MCAT Scores: 513 • Research – 600 hours. One year doing prostate cancer research and one lung stem cell research. • Volunteering (clinical) – include hours: -280hrs...
  14. S

    School List Help Please

    I'm worried all my school are a little to competitive, and I also don't want to spend the money to apply to 30+ schools. I'd appreciate if someone could give tips on how to cut back/add a few safer schools. cGPA: 3.9 sGPA: 3.86 MCAT: 524 (131/130/131/132) CA Resident Indian UCLA third year...
  15. H

    MD & DO WAMC? 3.73 cGPA, 3.86 sGPA, 508 MCAT

    PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE THIS MESSAGE Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice on my schools list. I'm mostly looking for MD, but considering applying to 5 or so DO's. Year in School: Junior (Graduate Spring of 2018) Major: Biological Engineering State of Residence: Utah cGPA: 3.73 sGPA: 3.86 MCAT...
  16. T

    3.92 cGPA, 3.89sGPA, 523 MCAT-- WAMC and school list help

    Hi everyone, I submitted my AMCAS for verification on Saturday with only one school listed because I was waiting for my MCAT results. I was expecting ~515 so I was absolutely floored by my 523! (Thanks in no short part to the threads on SDN <3) Obviously, my potential school list has opened up...
  17. amerlaw1

    What other schools should I add or remove from my list

    From my full lengths I was getting around 502 and 503 and I choose some lower tier MD schools. Just got my score back and made a 510 (127/126/129/128) and was wondering what other schools I should choose. Here are some of my ECs and academic record Class: Rising Senior in Chemistry cGPA: 4.0...
  18. omgitsagreatday

    Help with School List!

    Hi all, I am a rising senior, applying to med school this summer. I am trying to figure out my list of schools that I will be applying to. I have a draft, but I'm not sure if it is well-balanced and such. Let me know what you all think. Here are my qualifications: GPA: 3.9 (Biology Major)...
  19. Y

    School list Suggestions/ Advise?

  20. amg_la

    Med Schools With Scholarships?

    I have yet to take my MCAT (May 18th) but i have pretty good metrics currently. Finances play a great deal into my med school choice but I would also like to go to a highly ranked school. Does anyone know about schools that offer scholarships or heavy financial aid. Im definitely not trying to...
  21. M

    What are my chances + Help me with list please!

    Year in school: Senior (Taking a Gap Year next year~) Country/state of residence: California (but currently in Maryland at Top 10) Schools to which you are applying: I need help compiling a list (but I live in Irvine and would love to go to UC Irvine and I love anteaters) Cumulative GPA...
  22. C

    What are my chances ? Canadian student aplying

  23. Asclepius293

    Med School Application List - Feedback Appreciated!

    Hey all, Michigan Resident here. 3.79cGPA, 3.66sGPA, 511 MCAT (127/131/127/126). Over 2,000 hours non- clinical volunteering. 300 hours clinical. 100 hours shadowing. 3 individual research projects over 3 years. Cancer lab research for the last year. Interesting experiences such as teaching...
  24. A

    Schools that do NOT require Teacher Rec letter

    Anyone know of schools that don't require the teacher rec letter? I'm considering mostly Texas schools but would be willing for any out of state schools like NY, FL, CA, CO
  25. RayitoLX

    Chances, applying broadly

    Hi all! I submitted my AMCAS primary about 10 days ago. Though my advisor said that "fit [to schools] is more important in some cases than metrics," I would appreciate some help in balancing and broadening my top-heavy list. I'd love to attend where there are plentiful resources and lots of...
  26. I

    School list suggestion please: cGPA3.7 sGPA3.7 MCAT 518,

    Sincerely appreciate help with school list. In addition to the above stats, Asian male, CA, just completed MS in Biology from top tier West Coast school, GPA 3.8, recent publication in top tier science journal, Re-applicant., will be doing medical research as I apply to schools. north of 500...
  27. Alienman52

    DO DO Chances: 3.31c, 3.28s, 501 MCAT

    Howdy, finally my turn to give this a shot. Please let me know what you think my chances are with the following details: Race: White Male. College: I attend a top tier liberal arts college in PA. I am a NY resident, however. Major: Biochemistry GPA trend has been fairly decent (Semester System)...
  28. I

    Help with schools list?