What should I do? PCAT Composite Score of 45

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Apr 11, 2006
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Hi All,
The october PCAT was my first time taking the test. The sections I did bad in was quantitative (which was expected) and Reading Comp (which I was suprised at). I did average on the bio and chem, and got in the upper 70s for verbal.
I want to take the pCAT again in January, but I'm not sure what my approach should be for studying. I feel confident that I can bring up my chem and bio scores, I know what to focus on for next time;however I think I really need to beef up my math and reading skills.

Any suggestions? Does anyone have an KAPLAN COURSE MATH AND READING STUFF FOR SALE? I have all the other study books, and just ordered the newest PCAT book by McGraw Hill Publishing, which came out this month...(Should be getting it any day now).

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