What to put on resume for LOR?

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Jun 1, 2012
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I am getting ready to ask a few of my professors for letters of recommendation and was wondering what items are typically included in a resume for professors?

So far I have Education (Major, GPA, etc), Experience, Volunteering and Achievements but I was wondering if an Objective stating that I am pre-dental etc would be appropriate to include. I have done about 30 hours of shadowing at two different offices so far but I am not sure if I should put this on my resume. Also, not sure if I should include as any of my hobbies or personal interests.

If you guys have any recommendations as to what would be good to put on a resume for professors please let me know thanks!


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Dec 19, 2013
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If this is for a professor, then put an objective on your resume that deals with your goals of wanting to be a dentist and why you are interested or what your feelings towards the profession are...something along those lines. Don't make it too horribly long, but it will help fill out some more information about you. This way, if the professor wants to embellish the basic "so and so was in my class and did x,y,& z..." they can.

Edit: put all the pre-dental activities that you will include in your application on your resume as well.