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What works for the visual learner in prep for the MCAT?


Crystal ball reader
10+ Year Member
Oct 4, 2006
  1. Pre-Medical
I'm such a visual learner it's ridiculous. I'm considering retaking the test and this needs to be my last time! I used the Examkrackers collection but found myself re-writing what I just read, sometimes word to word, highlighting with all colors, it's time consuming but felt comfortable about it. I also had study audio tapes but they don't work for me. Are there any MCAT videos? Any tips/suggestions for what has worked good for you visual learners out there?


Emdee Jaydee
Moderator Emeritus
15+ Year Member
Jun 29, 2005
  1. Attending Physician
I'm a visual learner too (I always thought that, but after trying to learn from audio osmosis CDs and finding myself rewinding the same 20 seconds 12 times in a row before I got something I realized that I REALLY need to read it to get it). This is my first time taking the MCAT (this april), but my suggestion would be that if you've already read through the EK study books and feel like you're understanding the material (read it for content, not just to underline and re-write it), then I'd just focus on doing TONS of questions. I find that I really learn by applying the concepts, and see what I didn't get the first time around just by testing myself. I highly recommend the TPR Hyperlearning Science Workbook which is just lots of passage-based questions in all the sciences. You should also do problems in the EK 1001 books, but only Bio and verbal are passage based. Regardless, doing a lot of problems (regardless of whether they're passage based) will help. I find that I remember things much better after I've had to work some problems with the information rather than just reading the information and moving on....

I think there are a couple of people on here who use some MCAT dvd-based prep materials. Perhaps they'll weigh in too.

Good luck!
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