What would you do?

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Oct 11, 2009
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Moderator: I am reposting here because it might give me better responses, thanks.

So what would you do?

My friend applied to the Georgetown SMP and currently applying to med school. A few days ago she received the acceptance to the SMP program, now she feels very confused as to which route to take: To attend the SMP or simply go ahead and continue the med school app process.

Here are her stats:

UC Berkeley grad, B.S. in Environmental Engineering
Overall GPA: 3.35
Science GPA: 3.35
MCAT: 32 11 V, 11 P, 10 B

Current Job:

Coordinating a diabetes program for the diabetics at community clinic i work at - following the doctor, case management, giving one-on-one education, coordinating classes, taking retina images, going to trainings and educating staff, etc. [Rural Area]


A) Full time summer internship at a vascular surgery clinic - helping as a medical assistant and developing study guides for textbook

B) 1.5 years working part-time and full time (in summers) at an environmental consulting company doing plant/soil research

C) 2 years working in a planetarium
D) 1.5 years working at a plant physiology lab doing research

(as far as the research goes I don’t have any peer-reviewed publications, it was mostly for various companies and if there was a publication involved I wasn’t named on it)

E) Did research on oil spill on environmental and human health (not replicated experiments, more like collaborating with responders and scientists to figure out what was going on) for 6 months.

F) 2 years volunteering at a low-come clinic, summer job working at a homeless services charity.

G) 2 years coordinating a women's health education program/ giving 1-1 education [A lot of sex ed; also taught class ]

H) 1 year as development officer in an environmental advocacy group.

I) 3 months 25 hrs/week as a program development intern at a social services non-profit organization

She has applied broadly

What do you guys sincerely think? Should she attend the SMP? Or should she just go ahead and apply this year to med school?

Thanks in advance,



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Jun 4, 2007
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I would definitely do Gerogetown's SMP, they have an excellent track record. Several of my current classmates did the Gtown SMP and are now M3s at a top MD school.