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What's Kaplan blue book?


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Jun 30, 2005
  1. Pre-Dental
    when people are talking about kaplan blue book, does that mean Kaplan DAT third edition? I have this third edition and left 1/5 of the first page is sky blue color and 4/5 of the page is more like purple.

    and one more question.
    If I take DAT 3 times, do they take the highest score from each section just like SAT does? When I took SAT 3 times, they took the highest Math score and the highest English score seperately and combined those two highest.

    the reason i ask this question is...if i get 30 in organic chem, and 0 on the rest of them, and the 2nd time I take the test and get 0 in Organic chem and 30 on the rest of them, will they take 30 from all?
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