Whats the deal with Howard...


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Aug 30, 2006
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Curious as to why Howard accepts applicants with the lowest stats out of all other dental schools. thier avrg GPA is bairly 3.0. Are they the "go to" school when everyone else rejects you ? lol

They seem like a good school, thier NBDE %ages for part 1 and 2 aren't so bad. 83% for part 1 and I think 80% for part 2. And thier tuition cost is defenetly a HUGE plus.


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Apr 28, 2006
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Not speaking for the whole population of minorities of course. Some have EXTREMELY good stats, but as a rule Howard accepts the people (generally minorities) that have come from disadvantaged backgrounds so they have a shot too. Some may have struggled more because of circumstances beyond their control like rough inner city public schools that don't educate that well. They may be very bright but just may not have had the right resources to grow to the point where their suburban counterparts in middle class neighborhoods have.
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