Medical When has it been too long to submit secondaries?

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I originally sent my primary application to 26 schools and was in the first group of transmissions on July 10th, and got the majority of my secondaries pretty early on. However, by late July I had not received secondaries from the two schools I applied to that heavily pre-screen and assumed that if I couldn't get through the initial screen at those schools, it was highly unlikely that I would get into any other reach school. So, I figured it would be best to put my reach schools on the back burner and focus on completing my target school applications in the 2-week window as they came in. Unfortunately (even though I had been checking my junk box religiously), it turns out that I did actually get a secondary from a pre-screening reach school early on in the cycle (I only found out due to a follow-up email), and received the other earlier this week. While I have already applied to 22 schools (13 target, 5 target stat-wise but low-yield, and 4 reach), knowing that I was not pre-screened out has at least given me some hope to apply to the other reach schools I sent primaries to. While I know my chances are still low, if I at least made it through several intense pre-screens, I figure I might as well take a chance. However, I was wondering if too much time has passed for the other schools, some of which it's been well a month and a half since receiving their secondaries. I'd be comfortable staying at 22 schools, so if submitting my secondaries this late would have a serious negative impact I think it may be best to cut my losses and stick with my previous submissions. But if it is not too much of an issue, I might as well try. Is it alright to submit a secondary way past the two-week mark, especially to a top tier school? Thank you!
Med schools are NOT like jealous prom dates, sitting around with a stop watch waiting to see how fast you get back to them with your proposal.

But always best to work on the secondaries of your top choice schools first.
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