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Nov 15, 2001
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I want to go into radiology and got a 239 on step I. I know that you don't have to release your step 2 scores but is there anyway that programs can find out you have taken the exam. I am trying to decide when to take step 2 and have heard advantages and disadvantages to taking it early. Any thoughts on my scenerio.


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Jul 31, 2000
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I'm only a second year, but I have read that if you did well on step I (which you did), you are supposed to wait until a later date to take your step II because you only risk hurting your app with a poor score. If you did poorly on step I, then the recommendation is to take step II early to try to compensate for your score.


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Apr 8, 2002
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Even though it is true that you received a terrific score, a good score on Step 2 would be a great asset at some competitive programs. If you want to look at your score before you send it to the programs you should take Step 2 right after you submit your application to ERAS. That way they already have your Step 1 score and you can always update your application if you think that you would want to submit your Step 2 score.
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