Hello, all!

I am finalizing my applications, and I anticipate getting everything submitted by July 1st. Is this date too late? I know everyone stresses June.

I am just being meticulous with my essays and have been meeting with various academic advisors to edit them. From what I've been told, they are very solid and unique.

Here are my stats:

cGPA: 3.90
sGPA: 3.88

DAT Scores: 21 AA/ 22 PAT

I have 224 hours of dental experience (ongoing), 50 hours of community service (ongoing), ~1000 hours of employment (ongoing next semester; I work as a student instructor and for p-safe to make ends meet living away from home; I attend college OOS), ~500 hours of research (marine bio), ~100-200 hours of extracurriculars (I have leadership in the science school, and I am president of our school's biological science honor society).

I have about 13 achievements (including provost list for grades, scholarships I've earned throughout college, awards for leadership, and honor society membership).

I am also doing my own independent dental research at the university's pharmacy school, and I also have a literature publication. This is my senior capstone I am working on this summer. (~50 hours so far of literature research; lab work starts next week).

I have strong LORs from two professors I am close with, my family dentist (I shadowed him and mentioned him in my PS), and one of my employers whom I am close with.

Not sure if this matters, but no one in my family is in dentistry, and only one of my parents is college educated.

I'm applying to WesternU, USC, UCSF, UCLA (reach), Temple, UPenn, U of P, and Harvard (just for fun/my advisor said just give it a shot).

The rest of the schools should be targets; WesternU is more of a safety.

Am I okay to apply during the first week of July/how competitive is my application?

Thank you all for your input!
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Jun 16, 2019
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You are a strong applicant, and there's really no school where you wouldn't have a good shot at. I would say late July is when applications start to no longer be "early," so first week of July is great. For reference, I submitted my application 2nd week of July two cycles ago and some of the earliest interview invites at several of the schools I applied to.
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