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Drats! Had to come out of hiding if you are going to go around asking questions like that!!! LOL

I have just been really busy. I had to have a surgery while recooping from my broken foot. Then got really sick as I was recooping from surgery. :) Plus Christmas and some family health stuff and my anniversary (well hubbies too! LOL).....and I just haven't been up to posting much.

BUT I have been lurking and watching everyone ask great questions and reply in helpful/interesting ways. :)

I am getting more and more excited and anxious about making such a big move in july AND we are trying to decide if we even want to have children. LOL We have so much fun just the two of us....I don't want to mess that up. :)

So my brain has been busy.

How have you been doing? Other then replying to online questions and hunting people down? :)

With a silly smile,
Rebecca aka Wifty :)
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