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Jun 30, 2005
I am sorry to ask this question. I know that many of you post which book is good for which section of dat blah blah but I go to the bookstore in less than 1 hour so i need a quick help here.

I am interested in getting BIO, gen CHEM books.
what's the best book for bio and gen chem?
I already have kaplan blue book by the way.
Best meaning very Accurate, very close to actual DAT without too much detailed information. Knowing too much information might be the best to master the section but if it's more than enough, i think that's unnecessary, u know what i mean? But that doesn't mean i want to buy a book with very small info. I want the most yet simplest explanation.

I think I was born with PAT genius gene so I don't know if it's necessary for me to worry about PAT.

I haven't taken organic chemistry yet so I don't know if i need it now to study for DAT, but if you guys think there is a really great organic chemistry book that can help me while i am taking organic chemistry class, i want to know.
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