Which MPH should i choose

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Jul 27, 2014
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I live in Chile, i'm a dentist and i want to go to study an MPH Management or Policy track i'm not sure yet (i accept recommendations please) . I've been reading about lots of programs like Columbia, Emory, UCLA, UMichigan, GW, and in UK too, but i prefer USA. But i do not know how to choose, i have to think in tuitions fees, living expenses and receive quality education. That's why i want to choose a good school but not an expensive one like Hopkins.
The idea is to have work experience (in my internship, i don't know if i will get a job as a international student) before going back to my country.
Please if someone can recommend me a school from the list or one that is not on the list and wich track do you recommend policy or management (considering impact in public health, job opportunity, salary)


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