Medical Which topic should I use for personal adversity/challenge essay?

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Sep 28, 2015
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I've been debating which topic would be better to write about and was wondering if I could have some assistance with my current two choices for writing my essay.

1. My father was wrongfully accused of a fabricated sexual assault crime by a white family in our neighbourhood and jailed, leading to the destabilisation of my family life for a good chunk of years (trial thankfully concluded and resolved while I was in college). During this time, my mother was suffering from health concerns with her liver and emotional distress exacerbated by menopause. The focus of this essay would be on developing mental strength and how embracing the struggle of juggling school + the challenges of my home life while in another state, being a support network for my family members, I've become more adept at handling difficult experiences and frustrations. I was also thinking about tying it into how my support couldn't be found from my family, and though hobbies and friends tempered the struggle to find peace in a hard situation, I sought to increase my faith and capacity for forgiveness. Long story short, I guess, my desire to grow in faith while dealing with hardship played a huge role in wanting to increase my acts of service for others by setting aside my desire for satisfaction in favour of assisting others who were also struggling to cope with problems in their lives.

2. I've had quite a few health issues growing up, though my privilege of having easy access to healthcare and the preventative measures taken have made them very manageable for me. About 1/3rd of my PS talks about this too, but I specifically discussed my hormonal imbalances, the mess of my puberty, and my direction was more related to women's health in marginalised communities, including my parents' country. The health issue I wanted to focus on for this essay is my lifelong struggle w/ eczema and tie that to being an immigrant already out of her comfort zone with peers, growing up with low self-esteem and body image/appearance issues, and specifically how medical professionals played the largest role in me understanding and working with the body I have, despite my problems. I would discuss building self-esteem, learning to love myself and my body, finding peace with conditions that will affect me forever but don't define me, efforts made to overcome limitations (related to other health probs), ongoing struggles with my skin and the difference in mindset now, etc. In effect, an "I finally love myself" essay and an abbreviated journey of how I got there.

I like both approaches but wanted a different perspective on how these might be perceived
I would personally opt for number 2 because the situation is more likely to resonate with the reader. While topic #1 is unique, it is not something that the average reader is going to relate to. Either way, you will need to make sure to correct your writing for US spellings.

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Just skimming over your descriptions, topic one addresses your challenges with having less than optimal family support, which is an important consideration in shaping who you are. This may also be related to your personal health which is topic 2. I hope I summarize the key takeaways in saying either or combining both would be good to start with for describing personal adversities and challenges.
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