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Jun 9, 2003
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Attending Physician
On Wilford Hall's surgery residency website they list resident salaries as follows:
Stipends as follows:
Civilian stipends:
PGY-1 $33,500; will be $35,000 in 2002-03
PGY-2 $34,900; will be $36,000 in 2002-03
PGY-3 $36,300; will be $37,300 in 2002-03
PGY-4 $37,700; will be $38,700 in 2002-03
PGY-5 $38,800; will be $40,100 in 2002-03
Military stipends:
Captain PGY-1 $37,940
Captain PGY-2 $37,940
Captain PGY-3 $41,374
Captain PGY-4 $43,630
Captain PGY-5 $47,330

That's WAY different from the $55-65k I've been under the impression that military residents made. Any insight anyone?


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Thyroid Storm
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May 8, 2003
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Attending Physician
That can't be correct, unless it only includes base pay and not all the other payments. For example, in DC at walter reed, BAH is over 1500 per month (it's less at other places). So if you factor that in, it's another 19k per year. Also, there are lots of other little payments that need to be included as well.
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Jun 26, 2003
Ohio or Texas
One must remember that a good portion of the medical fields pay is in bonus.

Expect at least 700-1200 a month for BAH, 150 a month for BAS and 100 a month for VSP the first year, then bump up VSP to 400 a month after that. So minimum figure an extra $1000 a month. or 12K a year.

For Instance:

BAH for EL PASO (which isn't exactly a real estate hotspot) is $865


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Also don't forget that any "allowance" is not taxed, whereas any "pay" is. That adds roughly one-third to the total of "allowances".

This is also why the military retirement is NOT such a great deal. It's calculated on base pay only.

Check out http://www.dfas.mil/money/milpay/pay/ for the straight gouge. That has all the bonuses and pays including specialty pays.

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