Will going to second look day increase my probability of receiving a scholarship?

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May 27, 2023
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Title. There is one school that I feel like there is a pretty decent chance that they give me some kind of merit aid based on mission fit and stats, and I was wondering if going to the second look day will increase the probability of receiving a scholarship, or conversely, if not attending will decrease the probability of receiving a scholarship. Cost is what keeps me from jumping on the opportunity to go. Thanks!

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Nah - the second look is just for you to determine fit. Schools aren’t judging who goes or doesn’t because it’s not financially equitable and then to go a step further a choose scholarships from that… I’d say highly unlikely/virtually guaranteed to not factor in at all
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Im sure its school dependent, but I attended a second look day recently and was told while talking to the director of admissions that they look for "engagement" when deciding scholarships and all. She said I quote: "we do look at engagement, things like this (second look day), so you guys already have some points there"

and yes, almost certain it was unrelated second look day im sure it was other factors, but the week after I received a 50% offer

but im sure its school dependent, this was a newer MD school (relatively).
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