1. banhvicqaz

    AADSAS Question: Should I submit my application early and update my experience section later?

    I qualify for financial aid on my ADEA AADSAS application. However, I would have to submit my application in 4 days, or I would lose the aid. I'm done with everything except for the experience section. I have a lot of ecs, shadow, volunteer, etc that will most likely require more time to be...
  2. D

    How to remove a previously attended college after submitting application

    So for some reason there is a college under my "transcript entry" that I never attended. I don't know how it got there and it's making me worried that it might hinder my application in some way. There doesn't seem to be any way of removing it from my application. I called ADEA and they told me...
  3. B


  4. 7

    Is getting above a 4.0 possible?

    I was browsing on ADEA Dental School Explorer and schools like Harvard etc. had GPA's above 4.0 for their 95th percentile. I was wondering how that's possible? Are A+'s still counted as a 4.3, or are they counted as a 4.0? It seems their data is recent from 2017-2018
  5. K

    Personal Statement tips

    For the personal statement, does anyone know if it would be of value to include an opening paragraph introducing myself at all?
  6. M

    ADEA Background Check via Application Station

    Hey guys, So I was accepted to Creighton and I received an email about providing consent for a background check through the website applicationstation.com I am currently creating an account and am attempting to plug in my AADSAS number. My number is only 10 digits, but the site is saying that...
  7. I

    hollistic meaning -- dental school interview

    what do they mean when dental schools say they will be conducting a hollistic interview style ?
  8. M

    ADEA Dental School Book vs. ADEA Dental School Explorer

    Just curious if there is a difference between the hard copy Dental Book compared to the online annual subscription of the Dental Explorer. Does one give more info on schools than the other? Thanks
  9. S

    School list Help...please!

    DAT: 20 AA, 19 TS, 21 OC, 18 GC, 18 BIO, 20 RC, 21 QR, 21 PAT oGPA: 3.5 sGPA: 3.4 Shadowing Hours: 115 (general dentist) Volunteer Hours: ~100 Age: 25 Working in pharmaceutical Quality Control for 1.5 years. Please advise whether I should leave list as is or add/delete schools? Thanks! School...
  10. 56101991

    ADEA PASS: Is it possible to have two different letters of rec from the same professor?

    I'm applying to both GPRs and ENDO programs and want one professor to write separate LORs for each. PASS is not letting me request two letters from the same professor....any way around this?
  11. uhds

    Transcript Entry Course Title/Subject

    Hello everyone! My transcripts lists a course as "Interpersonal Comun I" should I list it in the Course Title as "Interpersonal Comun I" or do I list it as "Interpersonal Communication I"? For Course Subject: There's a bunch of choices now, it's not listed just as Biology, Chemistry...
  12. O

    Out of State Friendly schools?

    Hi, I was curious if anyone had a list or know if i could find a list of out of state friendly schools? Im specifically looking for the schools in New York, University of Maryland, Ohio state and case western, he Illinois schools, Pennsylvania schools, and Indiana schools? If you know any it...
  13. M

    DAT "Tested" status by no scores on AADSAS

    I took my DAT 7/19 (almost 3 weeks ago). On my ADEA account my DAT status is "tested" and "posted" and under Score Report Requests it says "There are no data records to display." When I click on "Display" under Details it says that my Processed Date was 8/10/16 (a week ago). But when I go into...
  14. F

    Applying Dental School Before Retaking DAT???

    Hi everyone! I have a quick question. Do you recommend sending in your application to dental school before or after you retake the DAT? I plan on retaking it on July 5 (i got 18 the first time)
  15. F

    Questions Regarding ADEA Dental School Application

    Hi I am applying for dental school this summer. I have a couple of questions regarding the application process. 1. I am retaking the DAT on July 5th. Would you recommend submitting the application before then? 2. With regards with the letters of recommendation, the ADEA website states the...
  16. A

    AADSAS Application: AA vs. AS

    Hello All, Firstly, congratulations to everyone who is applying for this cycle. I am filling out my Apps right now and had a question and wanted to know if anyone knew. Prior to my BS, I completed 2 years at a community college and received an AS "Associate of Science." The AADSAS app only has...
  17. V

    List of Schools

    Hey guys, so I've run into a bit of a roadblock. I've got 25 schools here that I narrowed my list to but I feel like applying to this many schools will just reflect poorly on my application. Anyone willing to help narrow it down? I am a Michigan resident, btw. And here are my stats, in brief...
  18. C

    AADSAS Number of LORs?

    Hey guys, For this upcoming 2016-2017 Dental School application cycle I see that AADSAS says that you can select to submit four individual letters of recommendation. However, somewhere else (I'm trying to figure out where) said that you can submit "up to four" letters. So, my question is: do...
  19. T

    what are good things about being a adea member?

    I just created an adea account and tried to purchase the adea guide to dental school book. It asked for $40 for the membership fee. What are benefits of being an adea member? and is paying $40 a one time thing or monthly?
  20. Ollivander

    2016-2017 ADEA Guide

    When will it be released? Thanks in advance.
  21. A

    What is the ADEA GPA scale for Dental school applicants? i.e. how are the letter grades converted?

    Does the ADEA still use the 4.33 scale (4.33 A+, 4.0 A, etc?)
  22. brookeohh

    Do I have a chance?

    My first year of high school I was home schooled but when I decided to go back to public school none of my credits had transferred. I did fairly well in school, (I did credit recovery and summer school to make up for my freshman year, yet my counselor said it was pointless) I had gotten mostly...
  23. uhds

    Degree & Major Application Confusion-HELP!!

    *No, I'm not applying this cycle. This is just for future reference, hopefully people who have know more about this can help me out. Hey guys, I am in need of your help! I'm wondering what you guys think as far as how I should categorize this major & degrees dilemma that I have. :bang: My...