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    Help With Dental School List

    Hey guys I want your opinion on potentially adding more schools to my list. My stats are as follows 3.73 cumulative GPA and 3.75 science GPA, I got a 24 AA and TS and my resume is decent with lots of exposure to the field. Also, I have NY residency. The one thing I can admit is that I feel as...
  2. danggirl

    DAT and Math Destroyer

    DAT and Math Destroyer. 2018. No to little markings. In excellent condition. Price $150. Email at [email protected] if interested. Asap, must go soon
  3. Z

    Question about having attended two schools at the same institution

    Hello everyone, I was in 6-year Pharm D program at Rutgers - New Brunswick for a bit and then took a gap semester Then, transferred to School of Arts and Sciences (biggest school with the most majors) within Rutgers - New Brunswick where I finished my Bachelor's degree recently When I tried to...
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    Hi everyone, I hope everyone is going through this chaos of pandemic well. I have a question regarding my prereq courses. I know that most schools require 8 semester cred of Biology. I have 7 from general bio( 2 semesters of lecture +1 semester of lab). But I have Microbio+lab(4 credit) 2...
  5. M

    Can someone explain a "strong" GPA trend?

    Hey everyone, I hope you all are safe during these tough times. This may be a bit annoying as I'm sure you have heard the same questions again, but I am curious as to how a slight upwards gpa trend looks for dental school? So to further explain, I started my college credits in high school at a...
  6. finneganmurphy

    I didn't get into my top choice dental school.

    Hi guys, as you can see by the title, I did not get into my top choice dental school. The school I will be attending is a nice school with nice people and I like my classmates so far , but I can't deny that I'm a little bitter. I feel like sometimes SDN is full of people with top scores...
  7. D

    Chances for acceptance for dental school with career change?

    Hi currently podiatry student I have a 3.6 gpa from my masters in biomedical , 3.6 science gpa 3.3 undergrade cumulative I have tons of volunteer experience, was a organic chem ta for a year plan on getting dentist shadowing hours this summer/fall planning to take Dat this summer as well if my...
  8. R

    Low GPA Advice Needed

    Hi Everyone! I applied this cycle and have not received any interview invites. The biggest problem with my application is my low GPA. My stats are oGPA: 3.3 sGPA: 2.97 DAT AA: 22 TS:19 Bio: 19 OC: 18 GC:19 RC: 27 QR: 25 PAT: 18. I know I need to improve my GPA, but I am unsure of the best way to...
  9. L

    Looking for any advice!

    Maybe it's the stress of midterms and everything getting to me, but I was hoping if anyone out there would be willing to be objective and give me any advice if possible? I'm currently a 4th year student in a Canadian University majoring in Psychology (Honors BSc). It's been my goal to go to...
  10. I

    Worrying for no reason - late-ish submission, chances of getting pre-dec interviews?

    I had no idea I was able to submit my application before finishing the supp questions so I waited until I had all of that done before submitting my application (Sept 2.). Not even a week and a half later I got an interview invite from Touro (yay!) but it is in January. Is there anything I can do...
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    Associates at community college

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    Courses recommendation

  13. dentalbenchprep

    SF/Silicon Valley - Dental Bench Prep Course for International Dental Applicants! -

    Don't wait! Dental bench Prep is offering an Advanced Dental Bench Test preparation course for international dentists preparing to apply to US dental schools. We are accepting reservations for a limited number of seats left for the course starting in Silicon Valley/Bay Area, California from...
  14. C

    Dental assisting vs. Shadowing? what looks better ?

    I had visited a dental office twice over the past couple of months just helping out the dental assistants, watching the dentist on some of their procedures, with the hopes of one day asking the dentist if they would allow me to "officially" shadow them (My friend works there as a dental...
  15. M

    European Master of Engineering who wants to pursue dentistry as second career

    Hello! I have graduated from one of European Technical Universities with Masters degree in Engineering - Biotechnology. I am a green card holder and currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I would love to pursue dentistry as my second career but I am having a hard time to find any data about...
  16. N

    What schools should I add to my application?

    I'm a Wisconsin resident and I'm curious what schools I should add onto my application before I submit - I only have 6 right now and I'd like about 8-10. GPA: 3.44 sGPA: 3.09 DAT: 23 AA / 23 PAT / 25 QR / 23 RC / 21 BIO / 22 GC / 22 OC / 22 TS I have LORs from two science professors (who I...
  17. denticodia

    Help!!! Army Combat Medic to DDS

    I'm drafting my statement of purpose to apply to the DDS program. Have served as a combat medic in Army for 4 yrs, and graduated from dental college in India. Currently working as a dental assistant. I'm having a hard time figuring out what relevant medic experience should I mention which will...
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  19. Kobethegoat24

    Really need help with dental school list?

    My stats: GPA: 3.88 DAT: 21 AA, 21 TS, 18 PAT (unfortunately also 16 QR) URM Volunteering: about 54 hours Shadowing: about 52 hours Virginia resident After giving it a lot of thought I have decided to wait until July to...
  20. I

    Dental Schools with group interviews?

    Does anyone know which dental schools do group interviews over one on one or MMI?
  21. D

    Feeling Lost & Unmotivated

    I really, really want to become a dentist but there are a lot of things that have been bothering me lately that makes me feel unmotivated sometimes. I'm almost done with my junior year, taken all the main classes for pre-dental and don't know where to go from here. I don't have much...
  22. KeepingUpWithK

    Advice for those with low GPAs

    Hello all! So not trying to make anyone feel bad for me or anything but my years in college have been stressful. I had went from switching my major from Nursing to Biology (which was overwhelming and caused my GPA to drop) and posted questions on here previously to seek help throughout my...
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  24. I

    low gpa options

    Hi so my cgpa and sgpa are around 2.9-3.1ish(im a biomedical engineer); i was wondering if it would be better to just enlist and retake a bunch of the classes I did bad in at a community college and bring my gpa up or do a formal post bacc because I think with the classes I would retake (orgo1...
  25. A

    Chances of getting an interview as of the end of February

    I applied to 8 school got rejected from 4. All i have left is Marquette, BU ,Tufts, and UPenn, haven't heard anything from any of them up to this point. Except that Marquette decided to hold making a decision on my application. Am i to assume that at this point i should expect to be applying...
  26. aspiring-dentist101

    Importance of GPA/Acceptance chances?)

    I've been wanting to post about this for a very long time. I have been busy with family, interviews, work, etc. So I haven’t been able to post on sdn. I have decided to post it now for the sake of future applicants. This is intended for future applicants and most importantly for those that did...
  27. 7

    Do generic LOR's keep good students out?

    By good student I mean 3.8-4.0 GPA and 22+AA, decent EC's Will all generic LOR's keep them out of dental school or are LOR's something that can boost an application but not necessarily ruin it? Are good grades enough to overcome unimpressive LOR's?
  28. I

    Letters of Reccomendation

    This May sound like a dumb question, but for the AADSAS application to dental school, do you have to wait until May 15 to have your letters of recommendation submitted? That is the only date I can find online for when the new cycle “soft-opens”, but it seemed kind of late to me. Just wanted to...
  29. futureortho14


    Hello SDN! If anyone out there is like me, you are having another sleepless night due to thinking about how you aren't accepted to any dental schools and the lovely anxiety paired with it! Has anyone else NOT heard from any schools? I have applied to 13 and been rejected from 2 (Temple [dec...
  30. S

    UNC (OOS) vs. Pitt (IS)

    Hey everyone. I was blessed to be accepted into 5 dental schools. UNC, Columbia, Pitt, Temple and Rutgers. I initially made a decision to choose UNC based on 3 major factors that I was considering (Cost, Name and Weather and location). However, after more research on ADEA book and on this...
  31. bcsuccess

    3 years college then Dental School? (Highschool Senior)

    Hey Everyone, so I made a thread about this months ago, but since college is almost here I wanted an updated opinion. So long story short I am a highschool student, last semester left :D .... I am very interested in dentistry, I love the fact you can own your own businesses and also help others...
  32. N

    What am I missing? Advise from current dental students or accepted students.

    I'm going to be as open as possible with my grades and how I performed in my undergrad and would like to receive some advice on how I could strengthen my application. I completed my undergrad at the University of Toronto, taking 4 courses per trimester (5 is a full course load), taking the...
  33. LCRUF

    Can I even get into Dental school??

    Hi guys, I honestly need some motivation because I just feel like giving up.. I just found out I received a D in Biochem (4 credits) and it totally demolished my overall GPA. I went from a 2.94 to a 2.72. I still have the Spring semester, Summer, and next Fall which is when I graduate. I am...
  34. LCRUF

    When should I apply to Dental school?

    Hi guys! I am graduating Fall of 2019 and I'm curious if I would be able to apply June 1st 2019? If I apply in June 2019, is that cycle for Fall of 2020? Thank you:)
  35. I

    Dental Shadowing Hours

    I was just curious, when a school says they have a reccomended ammount of shadowing hours, does that include hours with specialists or specifically general dentists? I’m looking at the dental college of georgia, and I saw somewhere that they prefer to see close to 300 hours of shadowing. Right...
  36. A

    What looks worse a withdrawal or no credit

    I'm in a predicament right now with my biochemistry course. My university allows GPNC's for courses and I set my biochemistry grade to a C. Basically if I get anything higher than a C i get the grade, and if I get anything lower than the grade I get no credit and it doesn't affect my GPA. My...
  37. LCRUF

    Dental School admission with a lot of C's?

    Hey guys! So as you can tell by the title, I have a lot of C's on my transcript (over 10 C's) and a lot of them are in my science courses. I am a senior at my university and I am already planning on going for a post-bacc or a Master's but I'm not sure which one will benefit me more. I am...
  38. S


    Hey Guys... I need some honest opinion here. I am going to apply in the next cycle in June 2019. I have a Canadian transfer (2 years) of 2.6 GPA 58 credits) and I am in a Washington University for 3 years (with 3.97 GPA with 89 credits). (I'm a WA resident) The average two GPA: 3.5 +/- a little...
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