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  1. M

    WAMC? International applicant, 517/3.96 Advice

    Hi all , I am looking for some advice on school and a reality check for my chances for this year’s medical school application cycle. I am an international student who came to the US as a middle schooler and completed my high school and undergrad in the US. I'm currently caught up in the green...
  2. C

    RVC c/o 2026 (4yr) and 2027 (5yr)

    Wanted to make a group for accepted 4yr and 5 yr applicants so we can begin planning our either big or small move to London (depending on if you are international or not). I am from the U.S and want to hear how others are also making this leap across the pond in a few months. Is anyone planning...
  3. B

    Foreign coursework

    Hi guys. I am an international student with a Canadian bachelor's degree(and a Canadian permanent resident). I had some transfer credits from my home school(first year) but they didn't count towards my GPA. Instead, they're written as 'CR' and miscellaneous credits. I want to apply to a US...
  4. lkaiy19

    McGill med international waitlist odds

    does anyone know the waitlist odds for McGill med? I am applying through the international stream. There are only 2 seats per year for internationals and I am #1 on the waitlist. How optimistic is this? any insights would be appreciated!!
  5. S

    SGU vs Sackler

    Hi all! I'm applying to Sackler & SGU and was wondering if anyone had any input about the pros and cons of both of these schools. Your help is greatly appreciated!!
  6. R

    Relocating with family for International Medical School

    My apologies in advance for the length. I am a 37 year old non traditional student married with 3 children. My original plan was to do a diy post bacc, take the MCAT and apply in the US. For a number of reasons surrounding the current environment in the US, I would like to relocate my family...
  7. LindaAccepted

    Medical An International Student’s Experience at Harvard Medical School

    Azan Virji discusses his path to Harvard Medical School, and challenges faced by international medical students [Show summary] Med student Azan Virji explores the unique challenges he faced as an international student applying to Harvard Medical School, as well as his mission to mentor students...
  8. D

    WAMC? International Applicant

    International applicant whos done their UG at a top uni in Canada, asking for help on WAMC? Which schools you think I can apply to? cGPA and sGPA as calculated by AMCAS: cGPA - 3.78 sGPA - 3.8 big upward trend, 3.4 --> 3.84 --> 3.96 --> 4.0 MCAT score(s) and breakdown - 516. State of...
  9. T

    What are my chances of getting into dental school?

    Hi, I know my stats are really low but I'm really passionate about being a dentist. I am planning to apply for this cycle and am an international student (here on F1 visa) and a re-applicant. My stats: Overall GPA: 3.4 (upward trend, cursing myself for not focusing during the first 2 yrs)...
  10. I

    First Year GPA 3.18 from a LAC. Int student. Help me.

    As the title says, that’s my current GPA. I messed up my first year so badly, second semester being affected by Covid situation too. Now, being an int student makes things even harder. I need to have minimum gpa of 3.75 or 3.8 to be competitive. I calculated that I need to get an A every...
  11. F

    Need HELP Finalizing List of Schools

    Hello everyone, I am planning to apply this upcoming cycle. Please help me finalize the list of schools I should apply to. These are my stats: [oGPA 3.835] [sGPA ~3.75] [DAT: AA 23, TS 21, PAT 23]. I also don't have any experience in research. This is the list of schools I have so far. Is...
  12. D

    Becoming a dental hygienist in the US or Canada as an international student

    Hello. I am thinking about becoming a dental hygienist in North America. Thus, I have conducted research on the application process, but so far, I am fruitless to find any Citizenship requirements. Can you please tell me : 1)Can I even apply to this programme in these countries with my foreign...
  13. D

    Prospects of becoming a dentist in Europe and Canada as an international student

    Hello. I've been seeking some guidance about the process of becoming a dentist as a foreigner in the EU (Prague, The Republic of Ireland) and North America( precisely Canada). I've heard some terrible data about the labor state in Canada, especially in the dental realm. A lot of people are...
  14. samuel984

    Need advice for career and medical school application as an international student

    Hi there, It's really nice to see many posts and answers from friendly people here. However, I think my situation is quite unique, so I hope to find some advices here. I'm a second year master student of computer science in a UC school, and obtained my bachelor's degree of Biochemistry from...
  15. S


  16. L

    US Student Looking to Study in Germany

    Hello! I'm new here and this is my first post, so please bear with me, but absolutely tell me if I should do things differently! I am a 2017 grad with a BS in forensic biology. I completed all my pre-med classes, but I tanked my GPA, which is why I have not bothered to take the MCAT or apply to...
  17. V


  18. M

    European Master of Engineering who wants to pursue dentistry as second career

    Hello! I have graduated from one of European Technical Universities with Masters degree in Engineering - Biotechnology. I am a green card holder and currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. I would love to pursue dentistry as my second career but I am having a hard time to find any data about...
  19. V

    Adversity/challenge essay advice

    I was prewriting the adversity/challenge essay. As an international transfer student, I was thinking about writing my failure to enter the med school in my home country at 18 years old. After a few months of depression, I overcame the frustrating feelings, tried to do well in my current major...
  20. V

    Matriculated number bigger than interviewed number

    I saw this on MSAR and was so confused. Why is the number of matriculated international students more than the number of interviewed students?
  21. V

    Searching for Info about UK/Ireland Vet Schools

    Hi, I am a pre-veterinary student applying to vet schools in the fall and I've decided that I'm very interested in applying to three international vet schools: University of Glasgow, University of Edinburgh and University of College Dublin. From what I've gathered it seems like the tuition for...
  22. Premedthoughts

    US Citizen with a Foreign Degree. Best road to a US Medica School?

    Hello everyone, I am currently 25 years old and hold a masters degree in physical therapy from the Philippines. I am currently going to NorthEastern University at Boston to receive my Doctorate in Physical Therapy via an online program. I have always wanted to go to a US medical school as I was...
  23. LindaAccepted

    Medical International Application Volume Drops At U.S. Grad Schools

    CGS (Council of Graduate Schools) has been conducting surveys since 2004, providing dependable information regarding international students applying to and attending graduate programs in the U.S. According to CGS’s 2018 International Graduate Applications and Enrollment report, the 240 schools...
  24. B

    co signers

    When you cannot pass your final exams of getting a license to practice and cannot pay your student loan what happens with your co signer? is he or she must paying it ?
  25. V

    Repeated Foreign Coursework

    I took some of my prerequisites (gen chem, gen bio) in another country before I transferred to the United States. My current university transferred the credits but didn't give any grade for the coursework (I guess it's P/F). And these courses were also appointed to specific courses at my current...
  26. duckegg

    WAMC and School List Help (Canadian Applicant)

    Hello I'm currently on my first gap year, and I plan on applying to American schools this coming cycle. I'm wondering if there are any schools to add/omit from this list, as well as any advice on how to improve my application as an international applicant. Also, during undergrad I didn't take...
  27. I

    OMFS chances for non resident student (B.S. and DDS in the U.S.)?

    Hi I am interested in 4 or 6 yrs OMFS residency and I wonder how does my foreign residency change my chances of getting in. I know a lot of places require U.S. residency but is it just fewer programs accepting international students or you also need to outperform the other applicants a lot to...
  28. C

    International Pod students- prereqs and funding questions

    Hi everyone. I am currently a final year student doing my undergrad degree in podiatry. Unlike the US, my degree is a three year course. I've recently explored my options on going to podiatry school & med school. Just out of curiosity, how did you guys complete your prerequisites? In your...
  29. V

    Retaking prerequisites transferred from other countries or upper level courses?

    Hi, I am an international student in my junior year at a public university in the U.S and plan to apply after junior year. I transferred from a university abroad last year. At my previous university, I took some prerequisites and transferred credits to my current university: Gen Bio(cell and...
  30. U

    (international) fork in the road.

    Before I get to my question I feel like it's vital to point out that I'm a US citizen with dual citizenship, currently in my third year of med school in a Mexican medical school in the national program. I plan to complete my internship and residency in Mexico, because I feel the hospitals have...
  31. SquirrelSam

    Transcript Evaluation (Non-US applicants)

    I can’t seem to find any threads about evaluating transcripts if you live in Canada. Some schools require non-US applicants to submit evaluated transcripts directly to the school. Does anyone have any experience with World Education Services? I know they’re supposed to give credit equivalencies...
  32. Liliofthelamplight123

    19, in the US but considering UK schools as a backup plan

    Hello everyone, Right now I am 19 years old and I will be applying to both US medical schools and UK medical schools this cycle. I apologize in advance if this post is rather lengthy, but there is a lot I want to get off my chest. I have been working on my Biology B.S. here in the US since...
  33. Liliofthelamplight123

    19, looking at US and UK Medical Schools

    Hello everyone, Right now I am 19 years old and I will be applying to both US medical schools and UK medical schools this cycle. I apologize in advance if this post is rather lengthy, but there is a lot I want to get off my chest. I have been working on my Biology B.S. here in the US since...
  34. U

    Chance of matching IM?

  35. V

    School list: International student, MCAT 511, GPA 4.00

    Hey guys! I am an international student from Europe, and I plan on applying to medical schools in the upcoming days. That said, I was hoping you could help me create a list of schools I should apply to. I believe that only private schools accept international students. My stats: -MCAT 511...
  36. M

    international vs US graduates

  37. A

    Chances of getting a recidency after failing first year IMG?

    Hi I am an IMG from Australia. I failed my first year of medical school but have gotten high grades (90%+) ever since. In my USMLE step 1 I got 275 and in my USMLE step 2 CK I got 265. Do I have any chance of matching in a residency like anaesthesiology or ophthalmologist in the US? Or did my...
  38. F

    International student scholarship chances

    Hi all, I am currently an undergrad Biochemistry student at a pretty big private college. I just finished my freshman year with 4.0 GPA. I am from Europe and I always wanted to go to med school, but I am in the US for a full athletic scholarship. My plan was to finish undergrad here and do med...
  39. X

    What are my chances into getting into medical school in USA as an international student?

    Btw, I am finishing up my Bachelor's in USA and my gpa is 3.85. I've one semester of research but no published articles or anything. As with clinical hours, I've done volunteering at hospitals in my country, but none here however. So what are my chances into getting into medical school if I've a...
  40. S

    Poland Medical Students click this!