Will medical schools look down on community college coursework?

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Dec 29, 2016
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I haven't been in high school since 2007 but I've been I other schools for my CNA license and have been working in medical-related jobs. I applied to a 4-year university and they said since I haven't been in high-school for so long or a traditional college, they want to see recent college work first and then they want me to apply as a transfer student. This was not a very competitive college I applied to and was planning on transferring from THAT college to a more competitive college. So if I go to a community college for the 1st year and transfer to a 4-year university, will medical schools look down on the community college coursework?
I also asked this question a long time ago on an old account but I forgot the log-in info, but I just asked if medical schools will look down on community college coursework and people said yes.
But I'm seeing other answers on the forum saying no. So I'm confused.

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I am a no traditional student and went back to school 4 years after graduating to finish my prereqs. I took some at my alma mater, a reputable four year university, and took some at community college. I got 3 MD IIs and 2 DO IiS. So far 2 DO A’s and 3 MD WL’s. No one brought up my CC coursework in an interview.

I think as long as you take plenty of science at a four year university and do well you’ll be fine. But just my opinion. Not an expert.
The situation you are in is not the one that admissions officers look down on. It is perfectly reasonable for a non-tradtional student (not going directly from HS, to college, to medical school to start out at a community college or to take community college courses to cover a pre-req or two after college graduation.

What is looked down on is for someone at an elite 4 year university to take a "weed-out" course such as organic chemistry or physics at a community college (often over the summer) in a way that makes it appear that the student is trying to avoid taking a tough course in their home institution where the competition for grades may be fierce, or is trying to take it at a place where the talent pool is thin and it would seem easy to rise to the top, particularly if the courses are graded on a curve. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work that way and some students end up in summer classes with instructors who are not very good and a bunch of people like themselves trying to take a tough course in a compressed time frame in an unfamiliar location.
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