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Nov 10, 2008
At my school, the deadline to drop is 3 weeks into the semester (with no course tuition refund). After that period, if you still want to drop a course, you can only do so by submitting a withdrawal application with a medical or equally serious reason, never a reason like a potential bad grade. What really sucks is that the application is reviewed by a committee and the review process takes 6~8 weeks, so you need to keep going to classes for the course you want to drop... Even then, your application can be rejected at the end of the 8-week review process if the committee judges that your reason is not extenuating enough (it's subjective, but my school's website says medical reasons documenting hospitalization records and doctor signatures, etc. are usually considered evidence for extenuating circumstances). It seems that many other schools don't have such strict drop policies and deadlines, and some even seem to allow students to drop on their own close to the final exam. I'm interested in knowing what the drop policy is like at other schools.
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Jan 1, 2010
My school allows us just under 2.5 months into the semester to drop a class. AFter a month, there is no longer a tuition refund. It's also not nearly as strict. To withdrawal requires logging into your account and dropping the class. The W automatically goes on the transcript after that.


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Aug 15, 2007
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Undergrad: withdraw without W and tuition refund first week, withdraw with W and no refund first month

Postbacc: withdraw without W and tuition refund for first 2 weeks, then withdraw with W and partial refund first 2 months.

And although my postbacc school said it can take up to 4weeks to process a late withdrawal appeal, when I had to use it (apartment foreclosed and 5day vacate notice served the week before finals) I submitted my request in the morning and had my Ws by the afternoon. The appeal to get my tuition took a lot longer though.