DIY Post Bacc withdrawal question

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May 26, 2023
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For background:

(Planning to apply this cycle to TMDSAS do not want to push MCAT back past May as I will need to apply early)

I am in my gap year currently as a full time employee at a hospital on weekends (3 12 hour shifts) and full time student Mon-Thurs with volunteering on Tuesday and Thursdays as well while still prepping for a now May MCAT date. I am taking 12 hours of classes this semester primarily to get my sGPA over the 3.0 hump (its at 2.99sGPA rn, 3.26 cGPA). I am debating dropping one of my classes that is worth 4 hours. The bump to my GPA with it is pretty minimal, but any GPA points are good points right now. The class is just very heavy with 2 labs and 2 lectures per week so a lot of lab write ups that steal time away from my MCAT prep and some volunteering which are both important aspects I need to boost. Was curious to see others thoughts on if dropping this class with a W would be worth it to free up more time for MCAT/volunteering or if I should just try and push through? Thanks! Have no previous W's and feel like I could easily explain I realized the class was too heavy for the rest of my schedule and that I know when to back off now.

TLDR; In 3 classes to boost gpa, one of them being a heavy lab class with 2 labs and lectures a week taking time away from mcat prep, trying to weigh if worth it to boost gpa by a few points or just dedicate that time to studying/more volunteer time?

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