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    Apr 17, 2007
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    please advice

    i would like to back out (for health reasons) after signing contract following prematch offer

    please can you say the best way to go about this?

    will i be able to apply next year?

    what will be the worst repercaution?

    have you seen this happen before?

    a sensitive issue i know since many are un matched, but any advice will be very much appreciated.


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    I would predict nothing would happen to you but I would retain a lawyer. Personally, I can think of alot of different defenses you might come up with for backing out like duress during your 4th year rotations etc.

    Click open your browser, go to yahoo or google, put in the name of your town and contracts attorney and search.

    I think regardless you will be dealing with lots of issues the year after trying to match unless you really convince people you are somehow not going to do that again...might be very tough..

    Can you ask your current program to defer?

    I would seek guidance outside this website as this is fairly serious...
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    I totally agree with LaDoc's advice...you need legal counsel. However, I will attempt to answer some of your queries but my comments should not be taken as golden nor should they replace legal advice.

    The best way to go about breaking your contract is to immediately contact the program and discuss your decision with the program director. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be.

    Since you did not participate in the match, but rather accepted a contract outside of the match, you are not banned from participating in the match next year, or accepting another contract next year.

    The WORST repercussion, IMHO, would be that the program you signed a contract with sues you for breaking the contract. That is probably not likely though, especially if you have a legitimate reason to break the contract.

    Another possible repercussion is that an angry program director could "blackball" you - ie, contact other programs and let them you know you broke the contract. Again, probably unlikely.

    Happens every year. I'm sure if you do a search you'll see lots of people consider breaking their contracts - some for reasons such as they didn't like the program they matched at (well they shouldn't have ranked there), not being close to family, etc. Far less "legit" reasons than what you are proposing (presumably serious health concerns).

    Again, seek legal counsel and contact the Program Director asap. Best of luck...

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