Apr 17, 2014
Houston, Texas
I'm just wondering which would be better, working at a practice or shadowing different doctors?
I'm in my second year of undergrad and I've applied at several private practices and was accepted. I was planning to work at two different practices at once so I could have more experiences. Should I consider shadowing as well to increase my chances of getting accepted? Also, would grad school look at the practices you've worked at. Like would it matter if it was well-known rather than a small private practice?
Thank you!


Both! Working at an optometric practice is a great way to gain more insight about the profession. I would definitely recommend shadowing different doctors as well though, at different types of practices (private, well-known, multi-doctor practices etc.) to give you diverse experiences.
Aug 6, 2014
I work have worked at a private practice for the past 3 years, and honestly, it was the best thing I could do for my future. By working, you get to really see the day-to-day operations of the practice, as well as get to work with many different optometric instruments. I have run visual fields, pre-testing, OCT's, and I love it! I also work in the lab so I know a lot about the optical side of the practice. I found this experience really helped me out. I recently interviewed at SCCO, and we mainly talked about my work at the practice, and the conversation seemed to flow so easily! Also, it is good to maybe shadow other practices at the same time, so you can maybe see some other specialties, such as low-vision or pediatrics. It seems that the main thing interviewers want to know is if you really know what the profession entails, and if you are personable. If you work at a practice, it won't leave a doubt in their mind! :) I don't think if the practice is "well-known" will matter much, because many schools are out of your state and probably won't have heard of most of them anyways.


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Jun 23, 2011
Working, you get paid and you learn about private practice. However I have found when I am volunteering I ask a lot more questions than when I just "go to work." lol