Worried about bad semester and GPA conversion from Canada to US

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Mar 21, 2019
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I'm an american studying in canada and I'm worried about the conversion of my GPA reeally dropping it...

In fact my GPA situation is really confusing because I'll be coming from the US where I took 3 years of art school, dropped out for 4 years, and then now I'm in Canada taking my math/science prereqs and applying to mostly US schools. I'm not sure if my cumulative GPA will include all of my art school classes or only the relevant ones (the arts/humanities/language requirements), but those were all good I had a 3.8 like pretty much all As there.

But my canadian GPA really worries me. I got C+s in some classes last term (bio chem physics calc) and on my school's scale thats 65-69% and 2.3 GPV (4.3 scale). My advisor said I should feel good about those grades because they are about average, which makes me think that the adjusted version isn't too bad but according to my calculations those are Ds in the US and 1.0GPVs. People from my uni do go on to vet school and my advisor swears those are normal maybe a little low grades but I'm super paranoid and want to pretty much retake all of them (though I really don't have the time or funds to retake ALL.. maybe 2!)

... how much should I panic????

note: I'm a mature student (26) with thousands of hours animal experience: worked as a vets assistant, groomer, interned for an orthopedic surgeon, shadowed a marine biologist, still work part time as manager of a grooming salon while paying my way independently through school.. Oh and I had never taken a science course other than high school freshman sciences, which had been almost 11 years ago when I started back to school last term! Genuinely had to google what a 'mole' was on the first day of chem because i thought I was in the wrong room. Physics TA laughed at me when I said I didn't know what SOHCAHTOA meant or what trigonometry was.... literally had to bust my ass so hard to figure all this stuff out on my own (with the help of crash course i mean obviously)

Maybe these factors will help soften the blow? Also, this term I am doing really well, headed toward all As, two A+s if I do really good on the finals so yeah!


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For Canadian transcripts, VMCAS does interpret the grades differently. I can't find the website page right now, but it is out there and will show you how your Canadian grades will appear on VMCAS.

Can't really help you when it comes to what grades count in VMCAS (though I suspect all of them for cumulative GPA?).

If you have had basically all A's I wouldn't stress about a C or two. :)
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