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Feb 13, 2004
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I called AMCAS about this but was wondering what any of you may have experienced: Iam beginning to take my postbacs, and for financial aid purposes,
I remain classified as a graduate comp science student from a prior year. I never got the graduate degree, though-I was still taking the undergrad prerequisites to be admitted "fully" into the graduate computer science program. So my question is: When it comes time to fill out the AMCAS application and list my courses, will the undergraduate courses I took in computer science ( as well as the undergraduate science classes I will take) be considered "graduate" level since I am classified as a graduate student ? AMCAS told me that they leave it up to me as far as how I classify my class level, and they also said that
it would be considered post-bac. I spoke with only one person there, so I am not sure if they're right. I am just worried that when AMCAS and the med schools see my transcripts, they will think I was taking graduate classes becasse of my classification as "graduate".
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