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Apr 21, 2016
I submitted all 25 secondaries so far. On my AMCAS, I mentioned I did ~100 hours of volunteer service but this was a conservative estimate. Unfortunately, I did not record my specific number of hours but I think it was around 200 or so. The place I volunteered at didn't have a record system for volunteers since I was one of their first student volunteers. I mostly worked with immigrants who are non-native English speakers. I volunteered at the same place during senior year of high school. If I were to count that, it would probably total 500+ hours.

I'm worried that the hours are not enough on paper. I do have significant experiences from the community service though. I did a mix of clinical and non-clinical there (translated during doctor visits, filed records, served food, cleaned area, etc). In my essays, I did write about this experience throughout my applications, as I've learned a lot from it.

Do medical schools necessarily care about the number of hours on paper, or is it more about how well one can reflect about the experiences during the interview? I wonder if I should mention that I actually did more than 100 hours, or would that be too much?

*worried because I'm seeing 500+ hrs of volunteering on here*

Thank you.
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Feb 17, 2017
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That's definitely a gap between reported and actual, I think you can mention it in the "is there anything else you want the school to know about you" section. Its relevant - even though its high school - because you continued it through college. Prove this by reflecting well on it, like you said.
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