community service

  1. Kobethegoat24

    What do you think of my plan? Which schools should I apply to?

    So I recently took my DAT in march and now I am doing my shadowing and volunteering. I needed advice on when to apply and also which schools to apply to. My profile: 1.) GPA: 3.88 2.) DAT: AA= 21, Bio 21, General Chemistry 20, Organic Chemistry 23, Perceptual Ability 18, Quantitative Reasoning...
  2. R

    Medical schools that emphasize human rights, humanities, or service to disadvantaged populations?

    Hi! I'm new here, this is pretty self explanatory by the title, but here it goes. I'm looking to apply for the 2021 entering class, mostly likely to MD. I want to eventually be an OBGYN for disadvantaged populations. The dream is to be accepted into the National Health Service Corps Program. A...
  3. J

    How do you log hours?

    How are you supposed to log your shadowing hours, ECs, community service, and things of that nature? I have heard several different things and was just wondering if someone could give a straight forward answer. Are signatures required on these thing? Also, how do submit your hours on an...
  4. F

    feedback on volunteering hours?

    Since many of the feedback answers usually say the rest of the application matters, i'll give a brief description of my app before i dive into my question. - 3.8c GPA, probably 3.75s; for DO schools GPA will be much higher since they use different conversion scale for my school. - numerous...
  5. Piglet2020

    Worried about volunteer hours?

    I submitted all 25 secondaries so far. On my AMCAS, I mentioned I did ~100 hours of volunteer service but this was a conservative estimate. Unfortunately, I did not record my specific number of hours but I think it was around 200 or so. The place I volunteered at didn't have a record system for...
  6. N

    Is online counseling considered volunteering?

    Hello, I have been a volunteer counselor on the website Can/should I use this experience in my medical school application? Thanks in advance!
  7. Y

    Chances of Getting In With NO experience or volunteer hours

    My stats are: B.S. in Biomedical Science 3.97 GPA (4.0 Science GPA) 99th Percentile PCAT preliminary composite score (took it yesterday) ZERO Volunteer hours/community service ZERO experience in a Pharmacy Never had a job Was in ONE club in college (racquetball) I understand my GPA and...
  8. H

    Can this be considered community service?

    So I participated in this one committee within a club I was also in where I served as a Financial Director and our primary goal was to organize this benefit concert for this charity to help impoverished youth in third world countries. I don't know if I should put this as Leadership since I did...
  9. CFP545

    Community service leader LOR- Scouting

    Hello all, I need a letter of recommendation from a community leader/service leader for a few schools. I am a varsity boy scout leader in my neighborhood. Could I ask one of my senior leaders to write a letter for me as a community service leader? Shouldn't scouting be counted as community...
  10. Slippers

    Question about entering community service on PhorCAS?

    Should I enter each individual volunteer activity as an individual experience? For example: -Walgreens flu clinic --3 hrs-- 6/6/12 - 6/6/12 (one time date) - charity event-- 2 hrs -- 6/7/12 - 6/7/12 (one time date) -blood pressure screening at pharmacy-- 2 hrs-- one time date OR should I just...
  11. C

    Moral Economy of Commodified Health Care

    Hey guys, Has anyone here read "Learning the Moral Economy of Commodified Health Care: "Community Education," Failed Consumers, and the Shaping of Ethical Clinician-Citizens" by Michele Rivkin-Fish? If so, what is your thought on it? Do you think the author was accurate or fair?
  12. B

    Anyone with similar stats as me - results

    Looking for results of people who applied with similar statistics, especially ones with similar community service and mcat score. I have around 50 hours community service. cGPA: 3.91, sGPA: 3.93, MCAT: 507. Summer research internship. Shadowing 300 hours. White male, middle class. Applied to all...
  13. OnlyIfICouldTurnBackTime

    ADEA Work Experience Section

    As far as I know, ADEA only specified the Extracurricular / Volunteer / Community Service section to be post-college. Can I put work experiences I had or scholarships I received prior to entering college? Thanks in advance for replies.
  14. Just1voice

    April is National Volunteer Month - Crazy/unusual anecdotes?

    I used to volunteer at an animal sanctuary for rescued factory farmed animals. Every year they put on a Thanksgiving celebration for the rescued turkeys.