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    General Admissions & OTCAS 2023-2024 OTCAS Applicants! Where are you headed?

    I'd love to start a thread to see what school everyone has decided on! I haven't made a final decision yet but I will choose between WashU and Columbia in the coming weeks :)
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    General Admissions & OTCAS Columbia University OT admitted stats?

    Hi! Columbia is my dream program and as the time for decisions draws closer I am starting to feel a mixture of anxiety and excitement. Assessing our likelihood to get into OT programs is so much more difficult than some other programs, and so I am wondering if any past admitted students would be...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS UTMB vs TWU OTD program

    I got accepted to both UTMB and TWU for OT school and I’m struggling with deciding where to go. TWU is close to home so I would be able to save money by living with my parents. UTMB is about 4 hours from me so I would have to cover housing for about three years. I’m really leaning towards UTMB...
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    OT vs SLP

    Hi, I'm posting this in both the OT and SLP forums for feedback: Can anyone give me some insight into the pros and cons of OT vs Speech (financial especially)? Background: I’m a pre-OT student but feeling very lost. My college doesn’t really have any other students pursuing OT and my...
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    Other OT-Related Information OT vs SLP

    Hi, I'm posting this in both the OT and SLP forums for feedback: Can anyone give me some insight into the pros and cons of OT vs Speech (financial especially)? Background: I’m a pre-OT student but feeling very lost. My college doesn’t really have any other students pursuing OT and my...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS My chances of admission for Texas schools?

    Hello all! I will be applying this cycle and wanted to get a general idea of my chances of admission. I will be applying to TWU, UTMB, and TTU which are all in Texas. Major: Rehabilitation, Minor: Psychology Overall Gpa: 3.9 Prereq gpa: 3.8 Shadowing: 74 hours (3 settings) Volunteer hours: 40...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Inaugural Class for the University of the Incarnate Word - Accreditation Concerns

    Hi everyone! I recently interviewed with IUW for their OTD program and have gotten unofficially accepted. They are currently waiting for Candidacy status, coming this May. I just wanted to know if anyone else is planning on attending their inaugural class starting this Fall. Because of cost and...
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    OT or Dentistry

    I wanted to post in this particular thread because I wanted to get a better understanding and behind the scenes of what a dentist has to deal with in regards to finances, owning a practice (if you have one), being an associate, etc. Just for a little context, I have been practicing dental...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS Should I be worried?

    Hey all! I’m applying to a mix of OTD and MSOT programs in the Philadelphia area…. So far I have heard back from most programs to say that my application was under review (Stockton, Jefferson, Widener, Salus), who all emailed me around the week of 11/18 to tell me my application was under review...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's SCUHS OTD Program 2023

    Hello The OTD program is new to SCUHS and just wanted to know who have applied for 2023 Spring semester and how was the process for you? Thanks and good luck
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's USC OTD Fall 2023 Application Cycle

    Hello. Everyone! I wanted to start a thread where we can discuss USC's OTD admission questions/updates/stats for the Fall 2023 application cycle. Good luck to everyone!! Applied: Interviews: Acceptances: Waitlists: Rejections:
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    General Admissions & OTCAS UW OT - Seattle '22 Admission

    Hello! I'm hoping I have found some fellow applicants that are just as anxious as I am! I was notified that I had been put on the waitlist for the UW - Seattle incoming 2022 OT class. In the email, it said waitlist alternates would be informed as spots opened after March 28th. They expect to...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS ?

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    Kean OT applications 2022-2023

    Hi everyone, I applied to Kean University for this coming year, 2022-2023, and I am waiting for a reply. Does anyone know how long it will take? Has anyone heard bac or been offered an interview yet? I was accepted to LIU already but Kean is my first choice.
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    Other OT-Related Information Transition-to-Work Questionnaire

    Hello, my name is Carissa Bellino and I am an occupational therapy doctorate student at Cleveland State University. For my capstone project in Spring 2023, I will be developing a program that addresses self-determination in transition-to-work services amongst transition-aged youth with Down...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Hofstra Interview

    Hi everyone! I am interviewing with Hofstra soon (NY) and am wondering what type of questions they asked, how the interview was set up? If you could give me insight that would be great! Thank you and good luck!
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Accepted to USciences, MCPHS, Hofstra. Which one to choose?

    Hi guys, I've been accepted to USciences, MCPHS in Worcester, and Hofstra University for their MOT programs. I'm trying to decide which one to go to. Does anyone on here have any experiences with any of these schools they'd like to share? I am comparing my options and looking at pass rates...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Hofstra Interview Questions?

    Hi guys, I am planning on scheduling my virtual interview with Hofstra MOT program. What questions should I expect and what is the interview experience like? They said that it will be in the virtual format. Thank you!
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's USC OTD Fall 2022 Application Cycle

    Hi all! I wanted to start a thread where we can discuss USC's OTD admission questions/updates/stats for the Fall 2022 application cycle. Good luck to everyone!!
  20. F

    General Admissions & OTCAS Rutgers OTD

    Hi everyone! Did anyone apply to Rutgers OTD program in NJ? If so please post if accepted or denied. If accepted I would love to hear your stats. Thank you!
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    General Admissions & OTCAS Occupational Therapy 2021-2022 cycle graduate school application

    Hey everyone! I'm starting OT school in the fall and wanted to make a thread so that you guys can discuss the application process together and can all follow each other's progress during this process, ask questions, and support each other along the way! I saw a thread with this same idea a few...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS First Time applying for OT School/My Stats

    This is my first time applying to OTD programs after graduating in December 2020. I am entering the application cycle late summer/early fall of 2021. At most, applying feels like a shot in the dark, but I wanted to at least take a chance at one cycle. I will either be taking a gap year to...
  23. steph.ot

    General Admissions & OTCAS Western Michigan OTD

    Hello overyone! I will be starting Western Michigan's OTD program this summer 2021, and I wanted to take this time to see if any of my fellow cohort members are on here so we can get to know each other! I haven't seen any facebook groups or threads on here that pertain to WMU, so I figured I'd...
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    Employment & Professional Networking Burnout in Occupational Therapy - Survey Request

    Hello everyone! 🤗 I know that this network is mostly utilized by students, but I'm posting my survey anyway in case there are some practicing OTs visiting. I’m an OTD student in the process of completing my doctoral capstone project on burnout in occupational therapy. I'm investigating what...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Loma Linda vs. University of St. Augustine

    Hello everyone! I hope everyone's staying sane during this stressful time! I got accepted into University of St. Augustine (San Marcos) and got waitlisted for Loma Linda, but I'm torn about which school to move forward with. My hesitation with St. Augustine comes from their lack of fieldwork...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's SJSU fall 2021 MSOT Applicants

    Hi guys! I haven't seen a thread for this years application cycle, does anyone know of one? if not we can use this for any questions/information anyone has!
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    Other OT-Related Information Research Project

    A group of fellow students and I are developing the first occupational-therapy based life skills curriculum for youth aging out of the foster care system. We are asking for support via a crowdfunding page to help us complete this project. If you are able to donate, please click the link (NAU...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS Low undergrad stats. Should I go OTA route before applying for OT?

    I graduated back in 2015 with bachelor's in psych. I was pre-OT before but I messed up in my anatomy classes and ended up with a low GPA of 3.18. Since graduating, I've been working in a medical office and would like to apply to OT school again. I am wondering if I should go through OTA school...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS Florida OT 2020-2021 Cycle

    Hi everyone! Wanted to start a thread to share our stats/share advice for those of us who are applying to Florida schools :giggle: :) University: Florida International University Major: Health Services Administration Overall GPA: 3.6 (I initially went the PT route and struggled through the...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Kean University MSOT/OTD 2020

    Hey would anyone be interested in making a group chat or facebook group for students in Kean's OTD/MSOT programs?
  31. itsOTGabe

    General Admissions & OTCAS USAHS MSOT Miami Florida Campus Fall 2020 admissions

    Hey all, I received an admittance letter to the USAHS Miami Campus for Fall 2020. I just wanted to know if there's anyone else out there also considering this! I have not seen a post yet and I wanted to make one! I'm from California and was wondering who else received their letters!
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    General Admissions & OTCAS NYU Masters vs. Kean OTD

    Hi everyone! I'm choosing between the NYU OT Masters program, and the Kean OTD program and I'm having a hard time deciding which program is best. The price and student to professor ratio are unbeatable at Kean. Yet, NYU has a strong name and great alumni connections. I love the curriculum at...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS Kean University MSOT 2020 Interviews

    I wanted to make this thread for anyone waiting to hear back from Kean for an interview and/or acceptance this year. I've been so anxious and I'm hoping I'm not alone in the process!
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Oklahoma University Health Science Center MOT

    Hi! Has anyone applied to OUHSC's MOT program and would like to share their process? Thank you in advance!
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's Towson OTD 2019-2020 Applicants

    Hey guys! I haven’t seen a thread for applicants of Towson’s OTD program for 2020 and figured I’d start one! Has anyone heard back yet?
  36. K

    General Admissions & OTCAS Creighton OTD 2020 Cohort

    Hello!! Starting this thread for those applying to / accepted to Creighton University's OTD program to BEGIN in fall 2020!! I interviewed September 20th and was accepted October 3rd. Good luck to everyone!
  37. therapist2be

    Program-Specific Info / Q's I am a current American student at Brunel University London. Ask your questions here!

    Hi everyone! I used to come on here all of the time when I was applying to programs but since becoming an OT student I haven't been able to get on regularly. I have been getting questions on this platforms and others about my experience at Brunel. As a forewarning I have to say that overall I...
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    General Admissions & OTCAS MOT OTD Texas Applicants 2019-2020 Cycle

    Because the deadline will pass soon for some schools and has passed recently for a few, I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread about Texas OTD and MOT programs for the 2019-2020 cycle. Here are my stats: Major: Kinesiology Minor: Psychology Pre-req GPA: 4.00 Overall GPA: 3.82...
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    Program-Specific Info / Q's SJSU 2019-2020 MSOT Applicants

    Hi all! I haven't seen a thread for this upcoming year's applicants to SJSU's MSOT program. Would love to connect with others who are in the process of applying as well. Good luck to everyone! Has anyone made it out to an information session at SJSU for the program yet?
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    General Admissions & OTCAS Transcripts and OTCAS

    Hello Everyone, I am starting the OTCAS process and am concerned about the Transcripts section on the OTCAS. When entering in your courses, it says to use official transcripts, but obtaining the official transcripts from all of the schools I attended is very costly. Has anyone had issues using...