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Wright State Acceptances


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Dec 9, 2002
on L&D
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    I heard back about a final decision maybe 3-4wks after my interview

    found out by letter in the mail

    status page update was a bit delayed - it showed final decision about a week after i got the letter, so look for mail first

    good luck
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    Aug 24, 2003
      I called today and the lady really wasnt nice at all. I have talked to one lady who was really nice and couldnt do enough for me while the other lady was giving me a serious attitude. I am sorta worried now, she said my file went to committee early this week and that I would get a letter next week. Does anyone know if they give decisions over the phone? I am sorta nervous about hearing from them.


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      Oct 12, 2003
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        w222, i sent you a pm..

        i'm in the same boat as you.. i called yesterday to check on my status and the guy was not happy with me at all... then he said that my file was complete and that if i was going to be interviewed it would show up the status page in the next week.

        i interviewed three and a half weeks ago! (by the way, the status page didnt update for my interview until after i had interviewed)at least you know that your file is being reviewed =) i have no idea what the hell is going on... whatever though, this process is just a test of patience.. a couple of days will tell the story.. but i do wish they would call as soon as they make a decision like they did for the interview.. especially since i moved from the address that's on my AMCAS so it will take an extra week to get mailed to me from there..

        enough rambing.. good luck and let me know how you do....


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        Jan 16, 2004
          I got my letter about a month after I interviewed. I was accepted but the status page didn't indicate anything until about a week after I got the letter and even then it just said the admissions committee has reviewed your app and a decision has been mailed. They did pretty much emphasize that they wouldn't say anything over the phone.
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