Aug 13, 2017
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First, I will start off by saying I am an idiot! Secondly, I am needing some feedback from anyone, if any, who was able to make changes to their AACOMAS application, specifically the personal statement. I was not able to review my PDF application before submission and just assumed I had made the proper corrections within the 1000s of times I had reviewed it. I used a different browser tonight and noticed the error. I submitted and made payment about 14 hours ago and wondering if there is anything I can do such as stopping the payment, contacting AACOMAS, or really anything. I am sure you all know how long we work on these apps and I would hate to lose a spot in med school because of something stupid like this. Any info helps. Thanks!!


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Jul 21, 2016
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Contact AACOMAS. They're not out there to f*@k with you. It's their service, if you ask nicely I'm sure things can be updated.


I also made a mistake in my background information, and I called AACOMAS, but they said they don't have the power to edit it either once the application has been submitted. And what exactly do you mean by "wrong personal statement?"
Jul 23, 2017
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There was a time when I was loading information from a past AACOMAS and the application was locked during the process. I thought it was somehow submitted. I emailed them and received a canned answer "we cannot unlock or edit the application once submitted." Thankfully, for me, it was jut a temporary thing. But it seems to be the case.

Don't panic or beat yourself up over it. Try to call them, if you can, but don't expect much.

Now, not all schools will allow this, but the best thing to do might be to contact the individual schools you applied to and ask they consider the new statement. Its not pretty and may irk some people in the admissions office, but those that are receptive to application updates might at least consider an updated statement. Or if you don't want to go in saying "I messed up, do over! Please?" try a thoughtful well-written follow-up on why you want to be a doctor at their school. The damage might be done in some cases, where the PS is the only thing speaking for you, but use every 'other' avenue of communication (secondaries, update letters, etc.) you have with each school to tell them why you want to be a D.O. in the best light possible.
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