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Jun 11, 2006
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has any one applied to xavier yet? or is anyone planing on applying since they only accept their students.

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I would still apply if I were you. Even though they do accept most of their students over other schools'. I believe this Fall '06 term, they accepted 150 Xavier students and 15 Non-Xavier students. You still have a chance, but it's just slim. I was not a Xavier Pre-Pharm student, and I was accepted to their pharmacy school. Like all schools, we don't know exactly what the admissions committee looks for when they choose their students. I would still give it a shot. I was 99.99% sure I was gonna get rejected by them, but I ended up getting accepted. Thank God. It couldn't hurt to try, it's only $25 for the application fee.
I'm still applying since it's only 25 dollars but it is NOT going to be the only place I apply to.

Besides, I only live an hour away from New Orleans.:D